The Night

Through the netted veil, Your eyes that feign innocence, The way you sit on the foot of the bed, Looking at the ground, Averting your gaze from mine. Yet still sneaking a peek every few seconds, As if to monitor my movement. Lights turned all the way up, And you know I intend to keep... Continue Reading →



A finger running down my chest, Unbuttoning my striped shirt, Then brushing it off my broad shoulders, Letting it crumple over the floor, A hand behind my waist. My hand goes in her hair, Her hair clip unclasped to let loose her brown hair, She doesn't protest when I touch her, She just continues to... Continue Reading →

A Birthday

At the birthday of a mutual friend's was when I first saw her, She was laughing with her friends about something, Something about her voice and gestures, She stood out from the rest. I couldn't walk up to her, Quite uncharacteristic of me but I felt intimidated by her. So I just watched from afar... Continue Reading →


The hallways are getting narrower, Step after step, I've been walking through this dreaded corridor since the past 4 years now, Was I just walking in a giant circle all this time? The walls are translucent, All happy faces over the other side, Not one looking at my haggard self. Pay heed to me, Let... Continue Reading →


The air is quiet, The ocean outside the window is calm, It's all so serene and tranquil, We're keeping each other company for the last time. No words spoken, Just staring in silence at one another. We've come a long way, haven't we? We've had our ups and downs, Our fair share of quarrels. Be... Continue Reading →

Pandora’s Box

Tiptoe, tiptoe, She's crept up behind me once again, hasn't she? They're cold, Her hands that are over my eyes now, It's all silent, Only the sound of her heavy breaths is audible. The world around me spins, My head is dizzy, Nothing makes sense anymore. The familiar touch of hers that leaves brutal marks... Continue Reading →

Breakfast In Bed

With the first rays of the sun penetrating the horizon, As the orange light floods in through the window, From in-between the cracks of the curtain, As it expels the darkness away, I feel an unusual weight over me, Something seems to be weighing me down, I gently open my eyes with a yawn. I... Continue Reading →

A Sleepless Night

It's the middle of the night, With you laying in front of me, Eyes closed, Hair obscuring one of them, Untidily across your face, With one hand outstretched next to your face while you're still asleep, And the other still holding feebly onto mine. Even while sleeping, Without any cosmetic, Your skin hasn't shone any... Continue Reading →

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