A Study Break

I really do need a study break 😭

Sulaiman Hafeez

As I sit behind a table with a book placed atop,

You are casually laying on a bed peering over your shoulder into that book.
You called me over to study for the exams beginning next week.

Your mom walks in with your favorite plate of snacks,
She says she’s going to go out for a while.

Now, in this secluded house, it’s just you and me.
Your legs distracting me. The way they glow under the bright light.
As you try to walk me through Algebra,
Instead of trying to memorize the equations,
I can’t stop myself from mentally undressing you.
I gently and imperceptibly run my hand over your leg as you brush it off in a hurry.
With a glint of anger and repressed excitement in your eyes, you ask me to divert my eyes to the white pages of the book in front of me.


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Midnight Lust

Sulaiman Hafeez

Around midnight, There you are, Standing under the street-lamp with your back to me.

Enraptured by your mysterious glow, I make out your inviting silhouette from afar.

Getting closer, I see your let-down brownish hair shining under the vulnerable yellow light. Despite never having met before, I walk up to your unfamiliar face. Running into you this late can’t just be a coincidence. Your eyes open wide in fear and your pupils grow larger at my unexpected appearance. I know this is strange but I hope you understand that this doesn’t usually happen to me. Paralyzed by your beauty, all my senses save for my vision have gone numb. I didn’t mean to startle you. All I want from you is a chance to win you over.

Even without any words, your eyes clearly say you want me just as bad as I want you. Your face, now gradually relaxing…

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Sulaiman Hafeez

Take a walk with me,

Just the two of us,
hand-in-hand through this desolate street just before the break of dawn.

Aren’t your Denims a little too short today?
Perhaps you should have worn something longer.
Why are they so ripped?
Ripped just at the right places?
No, don’t misunderstand me.
I’m not suggesting you cover up.
Nor am I saying that you don’t look pretty.
It’s just that my eyes inadvertently keep wandering there.

Isn’t it a bit too chilly today?
Come closer to me.
Like the moon and the clouds,
Wrap me tighter.
Press into me and eliminate the gaps in between.
Let our embrace leave no space for the chilly wind to infiltrate.

The roads are deserted,
The sidewalk is barren.
Everybody has seemingly vanished.
Let’s not wait anymore.
Perhaps we can play now?

The streetlight you’re standing under accentuates your already voluptuous body.
There is nothing…

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The Better Half

I know this is relatively new, but I guess it’s the perfect sequel to yesterday’s reblog, so.

Sulaiman Hafeez

Waking my tired eyes on this warm February morning,
The first thing I see is you,
Lying next to me,
With your pretty hand across my chest,
You’re still asleep,
I run my fingers through your hair and gently kiss your forehead as you wake up slowly with a yawn.
Another day when I wake up with you next to me,
Another beautiful day that begins with your sight.

Don’t climb out of bed just yet.
Let’s just stay in for a while longer,
Just you and me,
Laze around together,
Snuggle into me.
There’s no rush.
Like every other day.
I want to carry on with the remainder of my day by burning your image in my mind.

At the breakfast table,
With a plate of Fish & Chips on the table,
And you, in front of me,
There is nothing else I could ask for.
I know…

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The Wedding 

Sulaiman Hafeez

On a pleasant September evening, with cool wind blowing through the open meadow, I see her walking toward me in her bridal gown with her bridesmaid’s fingers gripped in one hand and a bouquet of flowers in the other.

Her pastel gown playing with the wind as she makes her way elegantly through the garden. Her hair is decorated with a crown of flowers and her wrist adorned with pricey amulets. I could see the coy look on her face even as it is hidden behind a laced veil.

The on-looking spectators cheer as she walks up to the altar by my side and places her hands in mine. The vows were exchanged, not recited out of a piece of paper, but from the depths of the heart. Her pale hands shake in nervousness as I grab them and slide the ring on her bony finger.

The singing birds form…

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Sulaiman Hafeez

Lying down in my bed with a blanket draped over me, I keep tossing and turning unable to drift off to sleep. At 3 A.M, all my mind keeps thinking about is you.

I keep thinking about the time you used to lay right next to me with your messy hair strewn over your beautiful face, how melodious even your light-snores sounded and how your warm skin used to drive away the cold wind which is now creeping in inside my blanket.

I miss sitting beside you by the seaside and watching the sun rise through your eyes. Those times when I ran my fingers through your hair as you leaned your head against my shoulders while watching a movie.

Lying alone makes me realize how much I crave your touch. I wish to hear you whisper softly in my ears once again. I miss every last detail of you…

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The Veiled Lady

Ramadan Kareem. Have a great month and let the hunger games begin 😂.

Sulaiman Hafeez

Browsing through the bustling bookshelves of a busy library by myself,

My gaze falls on a woman standing a few feet away from me,
Wearing a piece of clothing not often worn.

A black Hijab adorned with stones glistening under the bright lights of the well illuminated library, accompanied by a grey cloth to cover her hair.
Without even trying, she attracts my attention.
Without exposing anything but her pretty face, she still somehow managed to seduce me.

Those mysterious ocean-blue eyes hidden under a veil of shyness.
She had a sensuous and mystic aura about her.
An aura I wish to penetrate.

A man accidentally bumps into her and drops the book in her hands.
Wanting to seize the opportunity, I nervously pick up the fallen book and give it to her. I offer her to buy a cup of tea from the Café next door.

As she blows…

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The Lilith With A Halo

Sulaiman Hafeez

I was walking around the streets making my way to the basketball court after university. I wait for the pedestrian signal to turn green at a junction and see a homeless, blind man standing a little distance away from me, his hands held by a beautiful girl, who flashes me a little smile before escorting him across the road and puts a few dollars in his hands before walking off.

The next day, I plan to blow off some steam by going to a club with a few friends. At the bartender’s table, I see a girl sitting with a glass of wine, probably bought for her by another guy, in her hand, her fingers playing with her own hair making small talk to the men approaching her at the club. Evidently bored, she lets out a yawn. Letting her gaze wander the room, she accidentally makes eye contact with…

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Why is accounts so boring? 😦

Sulaiman Hafeez

Standing a little distance away from me,

A gloomy, solitary figure looking lost under the moonlight seemingly at conflict with your own-self.

A deep sigh escapes your breath.
A sigh indicative of your struggle and hardships.
A sigh to muffle all the frustration buried within.

It’s okay to be upset.
Rest your tired head on my shoulder.
Clear your mind of your concerns and let my warm embrace be your rejuvenation.
Take in a deep breath. Inhale until your lungs feel like they will burst.
Then slowly, release your breathe until there is nothing left inside you.
Until the demons within you gasp for air,
Until your mind feels lighter.

Don’t be too hard on yourself,
You’ve worked hard.
Everyone makes mistakes sometimes.
You don’t have to please everyone at the expense of making yourself unhappy.

Why do you so often seek to help others when you are the one…

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