A Street Run-In

In the bustling streets of Milan, I frantically push past a group of people trying to get through. I'm already running late for the highly anticipated football derby between AC Milan vs Inter Milan. My phone's constantly blowing up from calls of my impatient friends waiting for me in the San Siro Stadium. Switching it... Continue Reading →

Silent Farewell 

As I stand outside my balcony on a cold, clear night with the sharp wind piercing my body like a blade, watching the world outside pass me by. My mind drifts off toward you. Towards us. Looking back at how well we had started off and then somewhere along the way, how we fizzled out... Continue Reading →

A Night At The Beach 

As the clock struck 12 indicating midnight, after dinner, I decided to take her to the beach under the silvery light of the crescented Moon in a sky adorned with countless stars. She shyly intertwined her fingers in mine as we started walking beside the tranquil ocean. Her canorous voice floats around in the misty... Continue Reading →

Tennis Court 

It's almost the break of dawn and the rays of the Sun are peeping through the horizon as I frantically make my way through the empty streets with a backpack slung across my shoulders to get to school. Hurriedly, yet trying to look as cool as possible, I rush toward the tennis court. There she... Continue Reading →

A Countryside Drive 

Cruising down in a '97 LeSabre in the open countryside when you decide to rest your hand on my lap as I suddenly become wary of your existence.  You rest your legs on the dashboard of the car. Another distraction from the road. The sunlight reflects off of your fair, smooth legs. I can't help... Continue Reading →

Midnight Memories

I glance outside my window on a gloomy night lost in your thoughts. I cast a look around my house and see all the objects that are etched with your memory. From the dining table where we had enjoyed countless meals together, the glasses which are still imprinted with your lipstick to the couch where... Continue Reading →

The Duchess of Dreams

Every night, unwelcomed, she intrudes my slumber and like a silent phantom, creeps up in my dream. Standing there in her sleeveless, black, satin dress looking at me intently with her big, pretty, blue eyes. Her lucid, red lips are the color palette which add visual to everything they touch in this grey, colorless dream.... Continue Reading →


Lying down in my bed with a blanket draped over me, I keep tossing and turning unable to drift off to sleep. At 3 A.M, all my mind keeps thinking about is you. I keep thinking about the time you used to lay right next to me with your messy hair strewn over your beautiful... Continue Reading →

The Drug

Before I met her, I never thought I would ever fall in love.  She's like the alcohol that you consume out of harmless curiosity. With the passage of time, this initial curiosity gives way to unnegotiable compulsion to the point that I push back all my appointments and rearrange my schedule just to catch a... Continue Reading →

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