A Letter of Remembrance 

The dream last night that was like a nightmare. Our hands disconnected as I took my place among the stars permanently. Succumbing to my selfishness, I left you behind in this world. But you aren't lonely. Take a look around you. Even in my absence, you're still surrounded by people who love and care for... Continue Reading →


The Last Act

My mornings, along with the rays of the Sun, usually start off with a cloud of despair and gloom casting their inescapable shadow over me.  Another long day to endure. I'm too exhausted for this. Lately, the demons within seem to be getting stronger as time goes on, Getting a stronger grip on my throat... Continue Reading →


Take a walk with me, Just the two of us, hand-in-hand through this desolate street just before the break of dawn. Aren't your Denims a little too short today? Perhaps you should have worn something longer. Why are they so ripped? Ripped just at the right places? No, don't misunderstand me. I'm not suggesting you... Continue Reading →

A Hopeful Tomorrow

Cloaked underneath that fake smile, Is an unmistakable sadness. Concealed behind those calm eyes, Is an undeniable tiredness. Another rough day at work? It's almost midnight, Rest your head on my lap and tell me about it. Is there anything bothering you? It's okay even if we have to stay up all night. You don't... Continue Reading →

The Wolf

Yes, I do realize this is the first time we've ever met, In this busy night club on a romantic February evening. But why does that matter? Pull up a chair and sit beside me. Tell me a bit more about yourself, Are you currently seeing anyone? Even if you are, it doesn't really matter.... Continue Reading →

An Oriental Pearl 

An expensive restaurant, A dimly illuminated room, The flames of the candle dancing in the middle of the table. A bowl of noodles in front of her, A ravenous girl. A lovely sight. I knew she was different from the rest the moment I met her. I probably used up all of my good luck... Continue Reading →

A Fair Angel 

In the university campus in the after hours was when I first saw her, Her fair skin sparkling under the sunlight. Baby, you're dazzling. Mustering up every last bit of courage, I push through the crowd of boys vying for you, making my way through to you. You look at me arrogantly for one small... Continue Reading →

The Veiled Lady

Browsing through the bustling bookshelves of a busy library by myself, My gaze falls on a woman standing a few feet away from me, Wearing a piece of clothing not often worn. A black Hijab adorned with stones glistening under the bright lights of the well illuminated library, accompanied by a grey cloth to cover... Continue Reading →


I was on one of my evening walks through the beach on vacation in a foreign land when I first saw her. Approaching me from the front, she was jogging along the shore with earphones plugged into each of her ears. As she jogged past me, I lost control over my own feet and they... Continue Reading →

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