Thoughts & Prayers

Woke up to the sky outside tainted, It's only dawn, reddish crimson, the whole neighborhood is demonically painted, Hopping out the bed, I can feel the bruise over my head, probably got that after being sedated, Pulling out a Nina from the bedroom drawers, stacked the magazines, torn by my conscience, having second thoughts, why... Continue Reading →



Like a mirage in the distance being fabricated to reality, Taking form from my sweetest dreams, When you stepped out of my fantasies, Ordinarily, I'm loquacious, But it's only when I'm talking about you, Trying to describe you is pointless, How you fell from the highest heavens, And I was blessed to be the one... Continue Reading →

An Eternal Love

Another one of those glorious nights that I'm so accustomed to yet never full of, to see you already gesture me from a distance, being pulled into a corner and then being pushed on the bed while you descend slowly, almost dramatically, taking your rightful place over me and meeting your lips with mine as... Continue Reading →

If I Were Her…

If I were her, would I look at me differently? With a different perspective, Would I be able to alter reality? Or will it still remain as it is, Set in stone, I have so many unanswered questions. If I were her, what would be the first thing I'd notice? Out of millions of things... Continue Reading →


I couldn't help but notice you from the corner all the way over there, Haven't we met before, I seem to remember you from somewhere. Did you come here with your boyfriend? Or is it a girl's night out? You have really pretty eyes, they compliment your brown hair, No, I really do mean it.... Continue Reading →


Through the night, The space on the bed beside me, It was warm just a while ago, But by dawn, That warmth faded, Vanished and in its place, a scattered blanket and a ruffled up pillow, Only a lingering smell left behind, It's the same story every night. There was a time when I'd consider... Continue Reading →


Hours turn to days, A certain regret that's always followed me around, Pretending to be fine, Pretending everything is going to be alright, Yes, my thoughts are too overwhelming. But with a stifled mouth, I still carry on, Respite seems distant, There's no time to wallow in self pity, Hoping someday this pain will cease,... Continue Reading →

Urban Nights

Surrounded in all directions by high rising skyscrapers, Leaning against the railing of the balcony, She beckons me with her finger from the other side of the French window. It's already nightfall and the view from the 32nd storey is breathtaking, Lights from apartments in the numerous skyscrapers illuminate the night, A constellation that is... Continue Reading →


So is it that time again already? When I dip this quill in an inkpot filled to the brim with blood, Smear messy and iilegible words of the Devil, Hieroglyphics to stain the adolescent and impressionable minds, Brain washing and making puppets of them, Stringing them along, Tug on their weak strings, like a man... Continue Reading →

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