The Infl-you-ence

You fill my parted lips,Pry them open with your soft tongue,Slipping a split pill,You push it deep inside and leer at me with earnest, spaced out eyes,The X kicks in as you begin to slip out of your dress,The body that you flaunt,It takes all my focus and everything else becomes a blur,Until it's as... Continue Reading →


Even though it's been this way for some time now,Even though I remember it all slip away,It was so gradual at first,I found myself growing increasingly Indifferent,I thought that it was only temporary,Maybe I'd pull myself together eventually,That's what I believed,But that cold indifference,It began to stick,Until it became difficult to adapt,This dark feeling of... Continue Reading →


Your deep, brown eyes stare me down,Sitting on my lap,I feel your bare skin against my jeans,Pressed into my body,Your hand is around my shoulder,And the other caresses my cheek,Parted lips that entice me,And an expectant look that implores me,I feel your cool sighs as you breathe into me,The way your tongue flicks,And your lips... Continue Reading →

Past Few Months…

These past few months,How long has it been,That I've hit rock bottom?These past few months,How long will it be,That I claw my way out of this ordeal?Why is it this way,That I seem so close to escaping,When the light seems close to grasp, Only to fall flat on my face again?And these past few months,How... Continue Reading →

With You

The glow of the night lamp,It shines bright on your pretty, little face,Making you look so radiant,This sight that I see every night,But can never get enough of,When the two of us end our day,Just you being next to me,It makes me feel comfortable,Your presence evokes a special kind of warmth,Hearing you talk about your... Continue Reading →


You crawl on all fours,Making your way across the room,No footsteps,Full of grace and almost glidingly,The red flokati carpet tickles your palms and knees,From one end of the room to the other,In just those fishnets which reveal everything to me,You come closer to where I'm sitting,With a finger on your chin,I make you look up... Continue Reading →


And as the world falls more silent,The streets become empty,When darkness sets in,The day has passed by,It gives way to another beautiful night.These nights,I always feel conflicted,Do I like them or not?Is it a blessing or a curse? Being awake in the after hours,It's something that I'm used to now,Midnight seems early,When the world sleeps... Continue Reading →

A Lonely Weekend

In a familiar neighbourhood,On another lonely weekend,I find myself standing outside your door again,It's hard to remember how I ended up here.Of all the places,I keep being drawn to you.Maybe I drank too much again,All I know is,My attempts to block you out,Only brought me closer to you again. Hesitatingly,I ring that bell,Unsure of what... Continue Reading →


The key that you so casually slipped back in my hands,It's still warm off your touch,A sharp contrast to your cold stare.Your bags are already packed in a corner,Just waiting to be picked up.You always say you'll leave,But you've never taken it this far,You've always reconsidered and taken me back. But this time seems different.So,... Continue Reading →

The Red Light

She switches on that watchful eye of the red light,The only light in the corner of the room,It overlooks all.From the time she takes her first, gradual steps,Slow-paced,Exaggerated sways,It follows her all the way through as she makes her way to me.I can tell she's already enjoying herself,It's always exciting the first time around,Her body... Continue Reading →

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