She's wearing pink, A velvet nightgown down to her feet, Trailing along the carpeted floor. Her straight, black hair which are tied up neatly in a ponytail, It bobs up and down behind her as she enters the room, She stops right in front of me. This is how I want all my nights to... Continue Reading →


Tainted Love

That smile of yours, Tell me it's just for me. Your eyes clear as marble, They should only follow me around, Walk beside me wherever I go to, We're meant to be, aren't we? Don't call it an obsession, The thought of losing you is too overwhelming, Please just let me protect you, I've lived... Continue Reading →

A Dance

The knob to the door twists open, Keys clicking together and in we walk, hand in hand. A pleasant aroma greeting us, The smell of home. Flicking the light switch open and going into the bedroom together. While you stand in front of the mirror, Taking off your earrings and letting your hair free, Still... Continue Reading →


Through the shadows, Running further away from you, From me, Taken over by desperation. Turn away for a bit, I don't want you to see this side of me. Only to bring down the image you built of me crashing down into the ground, It's of no use, Turn around and walk away, Everyone leaves... Continue Reading →

Rhapsodic Seduction

A satin blindfold over my eyes, She ties it up real tight, Hands bound together to a chair, Absolute darkness. There is a tinge of excitement in the air. Eerie silence, Until I feel her deep breaths over my ear, The sound of zippers being pulled down, A garment falling softly over the floor, This... Continue Reading →


Like a tall, walking bottle of whisky, Making me light-headed, The walk of a drunkard, Tripping over things that aren't there when I'm around you. Stumbling about, You're probably wondering what's wrong with me. Holding your hand makes me giddy, Kissing you makes me feel faint. This strange affliction I've been struck down with, These... Continue Reading →


Drip, Drip, The running faucet gets you soaked, Sitting in front of me, The bathtub's big enough to accommodate us both. Scooch closer, Your pale legs touching me, Don't restrict yourself. Spread out and be more comfortable, Throw away all awkwardness, It's okay if we don't speak today, Just the sight of you looking at... Continue Reading →

Bound Up

At the end of a short nap, While slowly opening my eyes, A light yawn, Trying to cover it up with a hand only to realize they're bound. With a quick look around, My wrists and legs are tied up to the frame of the bed, The lights are dim, Vanilla scented candles fill the... Continue Reading →

A Constant

As seasons pass, From the passing heat, To the freezing cool, It's you who still remains the same. Even if days roll by in a blur, The only constant in my life, Rather than a sense of detachment, Or the weariness brought on by time, I'm only pulled more closer to you, So much so... Continue Reading →

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