An Abandoned City

Alone, In the middle of this deserted city. A street devoid of any cars or pedestrians, There is no one in sight. The air is heavy and dead silent. I'm the only one walking about cluelessly, Where do I even go? Where is everybody? Why has everyone forsaken me yet again? Please come back. Can... Continue Reading →



They say life is just a cycle of ups and downs, Highs and lows, Happiness and sadness, All crafted with attention to detail in the form of a Yin-yang. This mystic structure that depicts everyone's lives. While most form a part of the Yang, Bright, bubbly and free-spirited, Surrounded by a dash of tameable darkness.... Continue Reading →


In this cool, September evening, In the midst of a group of people, All chattering and laughing, An atmosphere of merriment all around. My loneliness is forgotten, I lose myself in the moment. It feels good to know there's someone with you, doesn't it? That you aren't completely by yourself in this overpopulated city on... Continue Reading →

The Lady In Black

When it grows dark at night, When I'm tucked under my bedsheets, Just about to drift off to sleep, Like a rude uninvited guest, She materializes before me. Out of the darkness, Or rather, Being one with the darkness. From the silence, She slowly appears as if from thin air. She's dressed completely in black,... Continue Reading →

Selenicereus Grandiflorus

As the sun sets in the distant horizon, The sunlight gives way to a magical darkness, The moon takes its rightful place among the stars, It's a glorious full moon. She steps out of my dream and takes form before my disbelieving eyes. It's a rare occasion, One night, every year, She appears, Standing right... Continue Reading →

Good, Old Love

That girl in my school, She's so pretty. She turns heads wherever she goes. From the geeks to the jocks, Everyone's eyes follow her as she walks by. Five years my senior, I'm put in a difficult position. Will she accept my heart? Or will she just laugh off the prospect of us being together?... Continue Reading →

Young-er Love

In my office, Occupying the designation of an up-and-coming manager, The youngest employee in the corporation, She's already captured my attention, And not just because of her professional excellence, But also because of her unrivaled beauty and distinguished grace. She walks into the office every morning in one of her smart outfits, A white shirt,... Continue Reading →

Tennis Court

It's almost the break of dawn and the rays of the Sun are peeping through the horizon as I frantically make my way through the empty streets with a backpack slung across my shoulders to get to school. Hurriedly, yet trying to look as cool as possible, I rush toward the tennis court. There she... Continue Reading →


Across the room from me, The flames are dancing over the fireplace, The mantelpiece is burning up, It's as red as my heart. The fiery embers, The black smoke infiltrating my nose, That's all that I can inhale. I'm suffocating, A constant sensation of asphyxiation. My heart is draped under a veil of loneliness, Hidden... Continue Reading →

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