You're pacing in your room impatiently, Hands buried deep in your pockets, lost in careful contemplation, The built in angst and wrath, It's reached the boiling point, Back and forth, You've gotten to the point where you just can't sit still, You've got to make things happen for yourself, It's now or never, Persist or... Continue Reading →



In my room, Over the floral sheets, She's already waiting for me, In a laced, pink corset, Striking a pose, Why bother, you look gorgeous no matter how you sit. Resting her face against one hand, And holding an open jar of Nutella with the other, She beckons me over . With a finger, She... Continue Reading →


I'm having these thoughts lately, Weird, dark thoughts. Although they're not completely unfamiliar to me, I've always felt this way on a milder level since as long as I can remember, But as of now, They've been taking a greater toll on me, It's strange, How long will it go on this way? I'm lost... Continue Reading →


The lady in red, Her dress that hangs loosely over her frame, Black hair left flowing behind, It's a backless dress, she's flaunting her S-line tauntingly, Making sure I get a good look, With a click, She turns the key the other way, Imprisoning us away from the party downstairs, I hope it's a long... Continue Reading →


Right before my eyes, You are so close, I can almost reach out and touch you, Yet I know you're out of grasp, Quite obviously oblivious to my feelings, You only look right through me, Almost as if I wasn't even there. The head cheerleader and the most beautiful girl around, She's always surrounded by... Continue Reading →


We're both restless, The night is long and sleep is elusive, With you lying beside me, Sleep is the last thing on my mind anyway, Your attempts to drift off, They're in vain too, aren't they? I see you tossing about, Turning on one side, then the next, With a grunt, Kicking me and punching... Continue Reading →

Drug Ballad

Doe Rae Mi Fa So La Ti Da, Here I am once again caught in this dilemma, Buzzed off of the vicodin and ecstasy, A pill too many, The colorful explosions in the sky, These pretty little things, Chasing shadows in pitch black darkness, All reasoning is lost on me, Am I hallucinating already? Don't... Continue Reading →

Parking Lot

In the parking lot of Subway's, Back in the rear seat of an old Benz, Tinted windows rolled up, Your hands are on my thigh, Stroking the insides, Running your fingers imperceptibly up and down while looking in my eyes, Head tilted at an angle and lips parted to reveal, very subtly, your wet tongue,... Continue Reading →

The Voices

There go the voices again, One from the left, And the retorts from the right. They're incessant, Louder with each syllable, They're too much to bear, Making my head spin, Make me want to grab my hair and tear them out. Panic and anxiety follow, This deadly trio of torment, It's an every day occurrence,... Continue Reading →

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