I know I haven't been quite active on WordPress recently, not in terms of posting new content, nor in terms of keeping myself updated with the blogs I love and I apologize for that. Now that I've got my finals looming up, I'll probably be active again only once I'm through with them, which would... Continue Reading →



Turn the page of the familiar, old book, Respite and hope you're met with, A chance to start over a clean slate, Put things right and bury the mistakes, Past, is where they belong, Experiences cumulate, Despondency teaches and then fades. Look at the brighter side, Optimism looms across the horizon, Now, when everything's clearer,... Continue Reading →


These scars that grow more visible with each passing day, Red and grotesque, Followed by an incessant itch when the night is at its darkest, Like being stabbed repeatedly by a million thorns, This affliction spread in bits, Until it took over all of me. What once was smooth, Is now rough, Battered, ragged and... Continue Reading →

Deceit or Deserved?

A nightmare which inevitably turned into my reality, It haunts me every single night, Before I go to sleep, I lay there, While that picture flashes again, One that I've been trying to shake off for an eternity now, But it remains as vivid as ever. In just a few moments, When my world came... Continue Reading →


A light alien to this flashy world, In a city corrupt with distorted noise, She's the soothing music which stands out, A visual treat and she stimulates the mind, Just the way she is, She doesn't need any effort to draw fascination her way, A walking enigma who pulled me towards her. The tone of... Continue Reading →

Writer’s Block

Some days, it's easier to burn through pages, Set them alight with this ink, Transcribing thoughts seamlessly without having to erase every other letter, The blueprint is already laid out in my mind as I jot it down, Connecting the dots, Or the boxes I keep locked and stashed away in my mind, An ammunition... Continue Reading →

The Eternity Together

A warm rush of air in my ear, You are lying beside me, Breathing in my ear, A hand across my chest, Still asleep, Your hair strewn untidily across your face, Your dress in wrinkles, And your makeup smudged, Yet you look ethereal, I could stare at you all day and not get tired. Just... Continue Reading →

The Wedding

From when I opened my eyes this morning, I knew there was something special about today, I couldn't hold my excitement even then, Did you feel those butterflies in your stomach too? The day dragged on for far too long, Time seemed to crawl and derive sadistic pleasure from watching me suffer. But when night... Continue Reading →

The Proposal

It's been quite some time already, Three or four years? When I first saw you, The moment we first started walking together, But it seems like it was just yesterday, It's funny really, Earlier, it was as if I was caught in a rut, The hands of the clock seemed frozen stiff. But now, when... Continue Reading →

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