A Lazy Evening

It’s a quiet February evening,
Sitting quietly in our house, she’s in the kitchen baking one of her famous choco-chip brownies as I watch the soccer game on the Television.
This isn’t right.
Standing up and making my way to the kitchen, I creep up behind her unawares and wrap my hands around her in a tight hug.

With my head resting on her shoulders,
I ask her to drop everything else and spend some time with me.
I’m impatient.
I crave for your company more than anything else.
Put those brownies in the oven,
We have a lot of time before the alarm goes off.

Take my hand and follow me into the living room.
Sit beside me on this couch,
Take the remotes,
You can put on whatever you like,
It doesn’t matter to me,
I’m just going to be watching you anyway.
No matter how many times I look at you,
You always seem to be getting prettier as the days pass by.

The way that your hair falls untidily over your eye and obstructs your vision,
No, don’t.
Leave them be,
You look foxy this way.
Stop being so brusque and look into my eyes.
Let’s have a staring competition,
Just you and me.
Don’t blink,
Don’t be coy.
Let me be the only thing you see tonight.
This isn’t the first time we’ve walked down this path but every time we do,
It’s always something special.
Your gaze sends shivers of ecstacy down my spine,
Enrapturing and teleporting me in the deepest and most secretive abodes of heaven.
Those black eyes of yours have me spellbound,
I like to find myself in them.

You’re the Pied Piper,
Your lips are the flute.
I’m drawn to that pink, glossy magnificence.
I’d follow you anywhere.
It doesn’t matter how much I taste you,
I’m still left longing for more.
You’ve made me gluttonous for you.
Let me take a sip from the bottomless chalice of lust with your nectar.
It’s scary how much I want you.
You entice me with just your silhouette.

Don’t be so engrossed in the TV,
Please look at me.
I need your attention too.

As I brush that lock of hair bothering her behind her ear,
She turns around and faces me before I creep in closer and meet her warm lips with mine.
I know it’s selfish of me but please watch your dramas some other time,
I promise I’ll put them on for you a bit later.
For now, just follow my lead and let’s shift things over to the bedroom.

Holding her in my arms and carrying her through the empty house,
I fling open the bedroom door and toss her gently onto the inviting bed.
A tinge of excitement as her skin presses up against mine,
My heart, just like yours, is tainted with deep desires and various kinks.
If you tell me exactly what it is,
I can bring your different fetishes to life.
Don’t be so shy,
This is your bed too.
Spread your fair legs freely,
Claim whatever they touch for yourself.

I can see the excited twinkle in your eyes as I tie you up and bind you with a rope.
Does being restricted and confined stimulate your imagination?
Do you like being controlled by someone else?
How does the Molten wax feel on your back?
Does it burn?
With a blindfold over your eyes, tell me,
What are you expecting?
Does being completely in the dark about my next move turn you on?
I like keeping you on your toes,
Waiting for me,
Guessing my next touch.

Don’t worry,
We can back out any time you say so.
Would you like me to stop?
Evident underneath that low cry of pain is an ecstatic moan.
Could it be that you are aroused by this just as much as I am?
Your eyes seem to be asking for more and who am I to disappoint them?

Completely bound by the tethers of the rope,
With an excited and expectant gaze that seems to invite me,
You’re so obedient,
That’s a nice girl.
Remember, you’re mine.
Only mine.
I’ll do as I please with you,
And I’ll please you however I want.

Have you had enough just yet?
Are you still unsatisfied?
I know you’re secretly exulting in bliss,
But your silence is annoying.
I want you to beg for more,
Tell me exactly where you want me to touch you,
Scream out what you want to be done to you.
Keep shouting my name.
Plead me to keep stroking you.

I want my every touch to send tremors of euphoria through your body,
Convulsions of guilt,
Until your body finally writhes in pleasure.

Towards the conclusion of this night,
The beeper of the oven goes off just as you let out your final sigh of pleasure.
Give me one last kiss.
Hold on to me as tightly as you can,
While I bite your neck gently and claim you for myself.
This hickey that will remind you of me, your rightful master, whenever you look in the mirror,
A sign of my dominance.
You are my trophy.
Did you enjoy yourself as much as I did?

Let’s switch up the routine tomorrow,
You be the one in control while I’ll be under your spell.
I’ll submit myself to you completely.
You may do whatever you please with me,
Take complete ownership of me.
Let me see just how much you can tantalize and play with my mind.
Sin has never tasted sweeter.
Our dark desires camouflaged by this black night.

I can’t think of an appropriate title for this one, so any suggestions welcome. Thank you!


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