We’re both restless,
The night is long and sleep is elusive,
With you lying beside me,
Sleep is the last thing on my mind anyway,
Your attempts to drift off,
They’re in vain too, aren’t they?
I see you tossing about,
Turning on one side, then the next,
With a grunt,
Kicking me and punching my chest lightly as you’re frustrated too.

We have limited options tonight,
Yet driven by the same old passion,
It’s enough to make us both crazy,
Heading to bed early clearly wasn’t a good idea.
I know you asked me to refrain from touching you but please,
If nothing else, at least let me spoon into you,
Wouldn’t that be okay?
Press tightly in you,
Hands around your waist and lips on your cheeks,
That’s all I want.
Maybe it will make you more comfortable too.

Wide awake,
Your extended hand that’s caressing my cheek,
While I kiss your nape,
It’s such a pity,
That touch that used to put me to sleep,
It’s only keeping me on pins and needles tonight,
Something pricking you,
You turn around abruptly,
I know it’s just as hard for you,
But there’s a new look in your eyes,
Without thinking straight,
Next thing I know,
Your hands are behind my back,
Still lying down,
And your lips are over mine,
You haven’t figured it out yet either,
But we’ll work it out along the way.

I’m too hot to be put to bed now,
Overtaken by a wave of lust and love,
You seem to get prettier throughout the month,
Buttons come hastily undone,
Throwing away the unwritten rule,
That promise is obviously out the window now.
She pulls me into her,
Pushing me down,
Kissing her navel and work my way back up,
Her pouty lips, so pink and delicate,
We’ll just throw the sheets out later,
That’s alright.

Invitingly with your body turned the other way,
Yet your eyes remain locked on me,
Letting me in through the back door,
Your fingers clench the covers viciously,
Face buried deep in the pillow,
Even your muffled moans are loud enough to wake an apartment up,
Clenching my fingers tight,
The cracks in your voice become more stable as you get used to it.
The pain swiftly gives way to pleasure,
And you finally seem at ease.

A realm we hadn’t trespassed into before,
New dimensions of euphoria,
So warm and it feels right,
Is it alright with you too?
She’s on all-fours,
Moving by herself,
Eyes still closed,
Dirty expletives fill the room,
She’s mouthing just what she wants me to do,
Faster and like it’s the last,
She wants me to be all over her.

Molded in one,
Two hands over the mattress,
And one leg off the ground,
Bodies merged as one,
Weaving up and down like origami,
Our private game of Twister,
Unfamiliar sensations that I discover through her,
We guide each other,
No barriers,
Nothing to hold each other back,
Just do what feels right.

She shoved me on my back,
Over the mattress and she conquers me,
She doesn’t bother asking,
She already knows she’ll get her way with me eventually.
Leaning over until she’s sitting comfortably over me,
She has her ways to shush me,
Touching me like never before,
She knows just how to use her tongue,
Deft flicks and her wrists twist,
Her lips are around me,
And mine are inside her,
An exultant groan but neither of us had enough just yet.

She draws her hair back with one hand,
The other still expertly playing with my heart,
Her lips probing me to explode.
She’s already shifted all of her weight over me,
Little sighs of pleasure and one final moan as she gets off me.
At least we know we won’t really have to worry about anything else tomorrow.
Lying on the stained bedspread with a cunning, unapologetic smile,
You turn around drowsily,
While I hold your face steady,
Meeting our lips again,
The most beautiful rainbow kiss to conclude this restless night.


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