The lady in red,
Her dress that hangs loosely over her frame,
Black hair left flowing behind,
It’s a backless dress, she’s flaunting her S-line tauntingly,
Making sure I get a good look,
With a click,
She turns the key the other way,
Imprisoning us away from the party downstairs,
I hope it’s a long sentence,
And I intend to serve every second of it diligently.

Goosebumps when you first touch me,
So lightly, a mere brush.
You’ve mastered the art of leading me on,
My hands tied up in a knot by your velvet waistbelt,
You make sure they’re bound tight,
That they’re digging deep in my flesh.
Pulling me by the collar and then shoving me on the bed,
She doesn’t undress herself before descending over me,
Blowing gently in my ear and probing my lips open with her tongue,
The red lipstick finding it’s trail down my body,
You’re painting us with the same color,
I want to be the reason why it’s smudged by the end of this night.

The crown of her head,
It’s so glamorous,
The little braids that are tied up neatly in a bun,
Every touch of yours is majestic and rich,
Her hands are wrapped around me,
She has me in her palm,
Her head is bobbing gently,
The long earrings you adorn,
They keep dangling,
Swaying in rhythm to this volatile night,
Spoil me with luxury,
You keep looking up at me,
Your blue eyes that sparkle,
Just like rhinestones,
They shine brighter than your glossed up lips,
They glint with mischief,
There’s something so special about you,
The shade of red has spread itself over me, a sweet poison,
You lead me to the edge several times with your filled lips,
Only to pull away each time and leave me miserable,
So unabashed and merciless,
She brings me to the gates of heaven only to shun me away again.

Even fully-clothed,
She stimulates my imagination,
The cleft between the silk,
She keeps running her finger over it,
The little ring on it,
It disappears from view only momentarily before coming out again, soaked,
She’s playing with herself before my helpless self,
The cut up to her thigh,
She holds it open only for a few seconds to show herself to me before covering up again,
I don’t know how much longer I can stand her cruel game of seduction.

Her teeth bite my skin,
Bruising and wounding me all over my chest.
The more you make me suffer,
The more I find myself drawn to you.
After she’s got my fingers wet after putting them in her mouth,
She uses my hand to please herself,
They’ve stopped listening to me,
She has more control over them than I ever did,
Enslaving every bit of me, all at attention for her.
Seeing her so pleased, moaning for me, shouting my name, that’s my reward,
I’ve submitted myself completely to you.

Silk rubbing against my bare skin,
So smooth and new,
I’m guided to your heart when you pull me in,
You and I,
We’re tied together by a transparent thread,
Woven by the silky red textile,
When your soft hand is on my cheek,
Velvety kisses,
Warm sensations,
You bring all my fantasies to life,
A dream you weave while I’m still awake,
I love the way your lips feel,
Moist and inviting,
Don’t part them away from me even for a second,
I want to get lost in them,
Deeper and deeper,
You are everything I ever yearned for,
Don’t deprive me the pleasure of being the one to please you,
Won’t you please let me hold you tighter than your messy, stained red dress does?


12 thoughts on “Red

Add yours

    1. Yes, you can never go wrong with either red or black haha. There’s something quite alluring about these two colours.
      And thank you for your wonderful words, Kalliope. I’m really glad you liked it ❤.


      1. My husband has been trying to get me to wear less black. Because I just wear red and black. So this year has been incredibly difficult trying to… express myself authentically with so many of my normal channels removed and tried and tested. Ugh
        I find it fascinating why people make specific choices with their .. whatever anything.
        What is it about red and black for you, may I ask?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Oh, Yayyy, we share a similar taste in clothing haha :’).
        Perhaps experimenting with new colours might lead you to discovering another flattering color on you which you didn’t know of before, perhaps that’s what your husband wants 😜.
        And as for your question, apart from being aesthetically pleasing to the eyes, I’m drawn toward red because to me, it feels sensual and somehow luxurious. And black because it often exudes an aura of mystery, and who doesn’t love themselves an unsolved puzzle? ❤
        Do you have any reasoning for your colour preference too?


      3. Yeah, he wanted me to feel beautiful in other colours. Not just wear the same thing.
        I like black because it’s something to hide behind. my curves or lack of don’t matter so much. Because black enshrouds and imitates the silhouette. Red is just my favourite colour. It is passionate, bold, bloody, and evocative. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Oh, Sulaiman! Oh my, Oh my, Oh WOW! This was delicious! You held my attention forcefully from beginning to end! Very well-written, you had me seduced right at the start. I do hope, for your sake, this becomes a reality. I can only imagine what the response poem will be. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad I could hold the attention of such a pretty woman.
      Thank you for reading and for leaving your wonderful comment, Susi ❤.
      And while a few of these posts are fiction, the others are more of an anecdote. I’ll leave it to you to figure out which is which though 😂.

      Liked by 1 person

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