In my room,
Over the floral sheets,
She’s already waiting for me,
In a laced, pink corset,
Striking a pose,
Why bother, you look gorgeous no matter how you sit.
Resting her face against one hand,
And holding an open jar of Nutella with the other,
She beckons me over .

With a finger,
She applies a thick paste over my lips,
Only for her to lick it clean again,
You mischievously smile at me before lightly coating your neck,
A little trail that leads me down her shoulders,
Hair pushed back on one side,
Eyes closed and facing the ceiling as I kiss her gently,
She reacts by squeezing me tight,
Her hold against my back getting stronger.

She dips me in and watches the chocolate spread over me,
She’s laughing so pretty, I wish I could always see her this way.
Her tongue, it runs circles over my skin,
Moving and swirling it slowly in a clockwise direction,
Her puckered lips hastily lap away the sugar.

She lies down over the sheet,
Writhing in pleasure,
Watching me smear her voluptuous body,
Chocolate dripping off her long legs,
The sheets are already ruined,
Such a messy night, and it’s only just beginning.

The dark spread artistically over her fair skin makes for such an alluring contrast,
So glossy and it makes her shine,
You’re glowing like a Goddess,
Sweat, chocolate and saliva,
It makes up for such a fascinating mix,
Savory and sweet,
My dessert is lying before my eyes.

Let’s take it slow,
I don’t want to ruin this perfect moment with you,
Starting from her dipped fingers,
Licking each one clean intricately,
Paying attention to your every reaction,
Your back is arched ever so slightly,
I can feel the pleasure from your slight vibrations as my tongue makes its way down the midriff,
Through your navel,
To your little toes that curl so arousingly,
Back up to the inner thighs,
I can see you twitch for me,
I can hear you plead,
Shout out what you want me to do,
Tell me exactly how you’d like me to touch you,
Show me just how much you want me.

You’ve clenched the sheets in one hand,
And my hair in the other,
Your sugary body,
And with that honeyed voice,
You call out to me,
You’ve already let me inside,
In the shadows,
Where we meet,
Your sticky skin rubs against mine,
It binds us together.

On all fours,
With your flowing hair dropping gracefully as you look over the shoulder at me,
You are so majestic,
Reciprocating each wave of pleasure,
At the end of the night,
It’s you that I want to be covered with,
Lie down over me and fall asleep over me,
Cover me in your sweat,
And drown me in your intoxicating musk.


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