You’re pacing in your room impatiently,
Hands buried deep in your pockets, lost in careful contemplation,
The built in angst and wrath,
It’s reached the boiling point,
Back and forth,
You’ve gotten to the point where you just can’t sit still,
You’ve got to make things happen for yourself,
It’s now or never,
Persist or perish.

When you reach that point,
You know you can do no wrong,
Formulating an escapade,
You’ve got this all worked out.
All the dissuasions and jeers,
They’re the fuel needed to light up that fire in your soul,
It was never pity that you wanted anyway.
Scaling through doubt and soaring past the questioning eyes,
The one opportunity you were in the pursuit of,
Every struggle leading up to this one moment,
Your window to fame is open,
It’s closing as we speak,
All you need now is to take a deep breath and take the leap.

A perfect opportunity doesn’t present itself,
You’ve got to reach out,
With all your might,
Seize it with both hands,
Minimal margin for failure,
The intimidating plunge,
Don’t let it distract you from the outcome you’ve always yearned,
It’s the only thing standing between you and your goals.

Fists balled up by your sides,
Inhale until you feel your lungs are about to burst,
An implosion from within,
Channel that inner rage,
The fury stemming from helplessness,
It’s your chance to change it all,
The day of redemption,
Those times when you’ve felt you can’t stand it any longer,
All you wanted was a change,
There’s no better stimulation,
This is your shot,
Squandering it is not an option.

Done being pigeonholed in your room,
No more having to listen to the constant yelling,
Going back to that life of misery, you know you don’t want to.
It’s time to stare down the barrel of that gun,
Look your demons in the eyes,
Notice them shrinking smaller with each passing second,
Silence your own insecurities,
They’re only tying you down,
Enough of shirking away from them.
Tired of playing around,
Stand on your feet and fight your way through,
Being rooted to the same spot and complaining about it,
It doesn’t make sense,
It never did,
Nothing will change if you don’t push for it.

A realization strikes,
Something snaps within,
A new burst of energy to take you through the roof,
Running away from your fears was never the answer,
Those memories when you’ve always been miserable,
Use them as a pedestal to step over the gaping hole,
Flying in the sky,
The drop isn’t nearly as haunting as the prospect of being abandoned in that cold Abaddon,
Let it propel you through this darkness,
Achieve your dream,
The fear of failure ignites that spark,
It’s the surge you’ve been missing,
A mindstate from which there’s no turning back,
The only outcome now is success.

Leave the phantasms behind in the darkness,
The wicked ghouls and grim reapers,
Exile them in the shadows where they belong,
The light is getting closer,
Through the depths of Hell,
When you’ve pushed from rock bottom,
Made your way through this rocky road,
It’s forged you into the soldier you see in the mirror,
No one can take that away from you,
When you’re at peace with yourself,
There is nothing anyone else can do.

That first step into the sunlight,
You’re finally liberated from those shackles,
Nothing to chain you down anymore,
Looking back at your footsteps that disappear in the shadows,
A murky trail you’ve made for others,
Footsteps they can follow to escape their dungeon,
The world is now yours for the taking,
Aren’t you glad you decided to rebel?

I don’t want to, but I guess it’s time for a break. Got finals going on and I’ve procrastinated long enough haha. Probably be back next month.


11 thoughts on “Rebel

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  1. Intense and I understand exactly what you’re saying because you described me. If this IS what you think as you lay the groundwork, I would change only one thing. Never do something for fame. Yes, it could happen, but that shouldn’t be your end goal. As you mature and look back you’ll understand it better. Also, because this is how I live my life I alienated most all of my family. Those who have no dream can’t tolerate being around someone who does. They have fear – I don’t. Life is for the living. Good luck with yours! Although it is never luck – it is focus.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, I really do understand what you’re trying to say.
      Perhaps fame isn’t as alluring as it may seem, the grass isn’t always greener on the other side haha.
      One should be careful what he wishes for because once granted, it may not be what he was expecting, Eh?
      I’m glad you’ve taken reigns of your life and I hope to do so too at the earliest.
      Thank you for reading and your wonderful comment, Jamie ❤.


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