Frosty Nights

She’s sitting opposite to me at the table,
Wrapped in a pink shawl and with a hot, steaming cup of tea set out in front,
Just talking to each other,
Enjoying each other’s company,
She keeps complaining of the biting cold,
Her tiny hands have grown so pale,
I rub them in between mine,
Kissing them in an attempt to heat them up again,
Her presence is what keeps me warm,
Seeing her so happy and by my side.
Once she sips the last drop of her chamomile,
We decide to retire to the bedroom together where she immediately falls on the inviting mattress.

Windows fastened shut,
Frost on the panes overlooking the snowy streets,
And floral drapes drawn all the way,
A harsh winter,
The neighborhood is silent and a cold wind blows through town,
It’s already past midnight,
Draped in inactivity,
The city is all but chaotic like it usually is,
Everyone is fast asleep,
In this chilly December night when we only have each other to keep us warm.

You’ve sunk beside me in bed,
Under the cloak of the heavy comforter,
Your cold palms surprisingly, seem to be giving me warmth,
The mist of your cool breath,
It lights a spark from within,
Under the sheets when you kiss me,
I’ve never been more comfortable,
Your skin is the only thing I need pressed up against me to feel warm.

Your hands link themselves behind my back,
This cozy sensation,
I can feel your pulse,
Your steady heartbeat as you hold me in the dark,
With my eyes closed,
While you’re still kissing me,
I run my finger down your back,
The skin that was so cold just a minute ago,
Like a comforting fireplace, it’s so snug now.

My hand around your waist,
And yours claiming possession of my bare chest,
Our friendly little tussle under the sheets,
The delicate laugh full of mirth,
And a moan in quick succession, symbolic of pleasure as your nails leave their mark around my navel.

I can feel your every move even in the dark,
That breath of yours which sows life in my numb skin,
Your intentions were clear from the moment you bit my lip,
When you threw away the pashmina shawl and decided to wear me instead,
That pale & cool skin of yours that instigated an inferno within me,
The more you try to douse it with your mouth,
The more intensely it burns.

Excited breaths that mingle and make me giddy,
Your groans which finally die down and you collapse over me, in my arms.
Exchanging kisses,
Your passionate lips are something I can never tire of,
You lie down by my side, our fingers intertwined,
Let’s stay this way a bit longer,
Snuggling under the same blanket,
With my hand across your navel,
Exulting and reveling in the warmth of each other’s bodies.

On a night as cold as this,
There’s nowhere else I’d rather be.


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    1. I’m humbled by your praise. In a few of last works, I did try a rhythmic approach too. And I intend to keep trying my hand at it in the future until I get better.
      Thank you very much for reading and your lovely words, Frederick. I really do appreciate them ❀.

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