Urban Nights

Surrounded in all directions by high rising skyscrapers,
Leaning against the railing of the balcony,
She beckons me with her finger from the other side of the French window.
It’s already nightfall and the view from the 32nd storey is breathtaking,
Lights from apartments in the numerous skyscrapers illuminate the night,
A constellation that is so close I can almost reach out and touch it,
Like a painted portrait, it’s all so picturesque.

It’s about 11pm,
We’re the only ones out here,
The moon is big and so pretty,
When you point it out to me,
I’m only fixated on your face,
Your hair that fall lightly over your shoulder,
And your big, alluring eyes which compliments your pouty lips,
It is indeed quite a surreal sight.

Much like the clouds cover the moon,
I’m hugging you from behind,
And you place your hand over mine on the railing.
All the lights that shine so bright,
In the sky and on the ground,
But the brightest is firmly in my grasp.

The whiff of her hair is carried by the wind,
Something tells me we should go inside,
But something else keeps us both rooted in the balcony,
A night so special,
It’d be a shame to shy away and hide inside.

Under the silvery moonlight is where I want to kiss you,
Overlooking the entire city,
This is how I feel when I’m with you,
On top of the world.
Pressing tighter into her,
I kiss your neck,
And then the cheek,
Before you voluntarily turn around,
Meeting my lips,
Hands resting against my shoulders,
And linking behind my back,
Fingers buried deep in my hair,
You probe my mouth open with your tongue.

A chilly vapor escapes her breath as she sighs,
Her moans reverberating the night sky while my fingers explore her stealthily.
Emboldened by her reaction,
I seat her on the Begonia swing,
Her gown is already moist when I lift it just a little bit,
The brown lipstick she imparted on my lips just a while back,
It’s being gradually spread over other parts of her body.
With clenched fists,
She can only manage to let out a few incoherent yet delicious sounds,
Trying to keep out from screaming by burying her face in the velvet cushions.

I get a feeling we’re being watched,
So do you, don’t you?
Your scared expression speaks for itself,
But we’ve already crossed the point of caring.
Let me empty this chalice of love all over you,
And you can wet me with your soul,
Your blinking eyes,
They hastily look around,
Spying any curtains that may be parted,
Looking for any peeping set of eyes,
Is that disappointment I see in your eyes when you don’t see anyone?

She took my hand and brought me back to the edge,
Forming her own arch by the railing,
The slit in your nightgown,
You part it ever so softly,
Just enough to let me in.

The pink silk of her gown is blinding,
It makes her shine like a neon,
She’s the light in this noisy world,
Your exaggerated noises,
Are you trying to draw attention to us?
If that’s what you really want,
Then let’s put on a show.

I make her face me,
Hold her left leg as she shifts her weight against the fence,
The pleasure outweighs the danger,
With moonlight spilt over her shoulders,
Her collar-bones command me to pay attention to them,
To kiss and worship them.
The only view that matters,
Scenic to the point where nothing else could compare,
She’s in front of me, and everything else is just a big blur,
It starts and ends with her,
I’m trapped in this prism that is her skin,
And I’d be happy if I’m here to stay.

She’s soaked,
Yet thirsty,
She pulls me roughly into her,
Kissing me again to satiate her throat parched from the screaming,
Making sure to emphasize her ardent passion by holding me so tight, my bones began to hurt.
With a mischievous wink, she pulls me inside the house,
After she fulfilled her voyeuristic desires, she dragged me inside to finish what I started,
The scores of now parted onlooking windows whose drapes had been pulled shut just an hour ago,
She left them hanging by pulling the drapes after pushing me on the bed,
Leaving the rest of the night to their imaginations,
With a satisfied smirk to myself when she’s drawing the curtains behind her,
I can’t help but be glad I’m the only one who gets to see how this risqué night will pan out.


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