An Eternal Love

Another one of those glorious nights that I’m so accustomed to yet never full of, to see you already gesture me from a distance, being pulled into a corner and then being pushed on the bed while you descend slowly, almost dramatically, taking your rightful place over me and meeting your lips with mine as we are dipped in the effulgent and glamorous moonlight together, bathing in the sanctity of the pure night as the touches imparted by your smooth skin, they paint this blank canvas that is this night and your moans fill in the awkward, intense silences interspersed with vulgar profanities that you whisper so seductively, blowing air gently in my ear making the hair on my skin stand at an end in attention, to keep me anticipating your moves while I relieve you off that long flowing gown you bedazzle me in every night, the laces hit the floor silently without a noise leaving you exposed before me, a sight that invigorates new sensations, each more concupiscent than the last, a lust so intense that no matter how many times I look at you, it stimulates my imagination and with each fantasy you fulfill every night, an ardent desire of another one blooms in my mind, that’s just how I feel when we rub skins, it’s a powerful aphrodisiac, a sweet poison that spreads dangerously to different parts of my body when I feel your hands behind my back as you continue to kiss me fervently with those pink, glossy lips of yours, those pretty lips that drift down, etching little marks symbolic of your love over my neck just to show that they’ve been there, and conquered me too, leaving a trail of maroon lipstick over the center of my chest before I tightly push you against your back, your eyes burning in mine like a torch that is about to explode, leering at me so intensely while biting your bottom lip, you only spur me on with those alluring expressions of yours, inviting me to eliminate any gap between us, tempting to walk me through the garden of paradise when your legs lock against my waist making me your captive and your sensual voice is the warcry I find myself gladly surrendering to and weakening against as you skillfully dominate me, stringing me along to fulfill your desires like a self-serving puppeteer, a sorceress who’s only concerned with satisfying herself, one who expertly tugs on the strings of my heart to make me dance for you for you know that I am putty in your hands, like an animal in heat, you’re only in it for yourself but watching you writhe in pleasure, knowing it’s because of me, seeing you convulse uncontrollably before me, just that orgasmic look on your face, that’s enough to push me over the edge for you too and just like every other day, I cannot think of a better way to end this beautiful night than by falling asleep by your side, underneath the cascading moonlight, serenaded by your light, steady breaths and with your hands spread over my chest, and your lips against my cheek.


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