Like a mirage in the distance being fabricated to reality,
Taking form from my sweetest dreams,
When you stepped out of my fantasies,
Ordinarily, I’m loquacious,
But it’s only when I’m talking about you,
Trying to describe you is pointless,
How you fell from the highest heavens,
And I was blessed to be the one to catch you,
It gets lost in translation,
Something takes over me,
I’m bewitched,
Enchanted and grateful,
You’re too good to be true,
The only words that come to mind,
A miracle intricately woven,
You have no idea how thankful I am for you.

Like the flickering flames of a candle,
I was down on my knees,
You kept me waiting long enough,
But now that you’re here,
I can say it was worth it.
The eternity I spent praying,
I’ve been repaid more generously than I could have imagined.
In front of my eyes,
That’s where you look best,
Don’t stand so still,
Reach out your hand and embrace me,
I dance for you just how you do a waltz for me,
Please let me spoil you.

All of your habits and quirks,
They’re rubbing off on me,
I have changed in a way even I couldn’t predict,
You’re slowly turning me into a better version of myself.
Your pure mind,
The most amicable personality,
The way you talk and laugh,
Even the gestures you make while you scold me,
Everything about you is perfect,
The eye-rolls when I compliment you for the millionth time,
When you push me away for being so cheesy,
But I really do mean what I say,
It’s not an exaggeration by any stretch of the imagination,
I hope you believe me when I say you’re the best thing that ever happened to me.

As much as I have fallen for you,
I dread the day you’ll wake up and realize you deserve someone better than me,
That day when my world will crumble,
When your shade is wiped away from my head and I’ll be left deserted again,
I’m afraid but my love isn’t a blind obsession,
I know I’ll have to let you go at some point,
I won’t stop you from leaving if that makes you happy.
Because deep down, I know you are too good to be true,
You deserve way more than I can offer,
But until then, let me appreciate you the way you deserve to be.

My mornings are filled with you,
And my nights end with you.
I savour those times when you’re just laying by my side,
Even if we aren’t doing anything,
I don’t care just as long as I can see you,
As long as it’s just the two of us,
Let’s be lazy together.
Stretch out your legs comfortably and tell me about your day,
Talk to me about what upset you,
Or something cool that happened at work,
I want to listen to it all,
I like the way your eyes light up when you are excited about something.

It’s so comforting to have you next to me,
To feel your warm hands hold me so delicately,
To see you fall asleep on my shoulder,
Your gentle snores are like a lullaby,
Watching you drift off,
And feeling your breath on my chest,
It’s soothing in itself,
During times like these,
That’s when my mind feels light,
After letting out a yawn, I close my eyes,
Your company is the only therapy I need.


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