Middle of the Night

In the middle of the night,
When I was already deep asleep,
I could feel something graze my thighs,
Something soft and delicate,
Being touched by something and I felt colder,
More exposed somehow,
Being held by someone in the dark while I couldn’t still comprehend this feeling,
It’s both warm and cool at the same time,
This wonderful sensation,
It runs along my entire being,
And then it enveloped me completely, covered me in little kisses all over that were so wet and sloppy,
Her tongue swirling around, she only increased intensity when she felt me stirring.

When I opened my eyes slowly, still in a daze,
I looked down at her in confusion,
The blanket was thrown aside on her side of the bed,
And she was looking directly at me, a lustful expression on her face,
Her blinking eyelashes,
Talking to me with just her azure eyes,
Filled lips that let out a slight smile and a muffled gag when she took my fingers and held on to them with her hand.
I reached down and brushed away her hair that were denying me this beautiful mosaic,
Am I still dreaming?
Pinch me to make sure it’s real.

Her skin that put me to bed just a while ago,
Is now the reason why I snapped out of my dream,
And why sleep will continue to elude me for many more nights to come.
She turned her arched back around,
Shifting her entire weight on me,
Until my lips met hers while she continued to devour me,
Stopping only occasionally to catch her breath or to let out a noisy moan,
How can I tire of her?
The way she talks to me, even with her mouth full, the way she whispers as we’re both on the cusp of pleasure,
Her voice reduced to a mere whimper as she straightens her back,
Head thrown back and her hair almost dropping down to touch my face,
How satisfying.

In the mirror overlooking the bed,
I see her reflection earnestly shimmy down,
With glorious moonlight shining off her through the crack of the window,
She takes her rightful place over me.
The unbuttoned, pink satin shirt hanging loosely from her shoulders,
She shrugs it off and drops it by the bed while finding her rhythm,
Sensuous ripples through the silent night,
Her biting her lip and mouthing out slurs in a voice that can’t conceal her euphoria,
Sentences breaking off in between,
And her warm hands keep pressing onto my chest,
She’s responsible for taking my breath away and resuscitating me at the same time,
I can’t stop staring at her,
Her giddy head swaying with each wave of pleasurable rapture.

Like clockwork, she adjusts herself,
Camouflaged by the shadows,
Her back turned to me now,
The sweat makes her stand out,
Little beads of glitter that make her shimmer,
Her Venus holes in all their glory,
They shift closer to me only to pull away again in an addictive cycle,
Call my name,
Dance for me,
Sleight of waist, a little waltz while you take me to another galaxy,
I feel conflicted when you touch me,
How can they be so fulfilling yet always leave me wanting more?

After you convulse so alluringly,
Sucking up every ounce of me,
Draining me so cruelly,
You fall in my arms,
Stay with me and with a kiss, the first and the last of this night,
I know my insomnia’s but a distant memory in your embrace.

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