There is a trail of crumbs scattered out untidily in my room,
Left overnight, I was too lazy to sweep them right away with my broom,
The traces of sugar are disappearing slowly,
A colony of ants are hard at work,
Each one of them carrying a grain heavier than their size,
They’re all toiling away so sincerely,
All of them except one,
She is a bit further away from the rest and immediately catches my eye.

She’s scurrying away leisurely,
Not bothering herself with helping out her clan,
Intrigued, I keep following her with my eyes,
Another ant appears in sight,
She walked as fast to him as her tiny legs could carry her,
Seeing you pick up the pace after seeing him,
I can’t help but think,
Is that your boyfriend?
While the rest of the ants are hard at work,
These two are seemingly on a date in my room,
Shouldn’t you help out your kind?

I feel a tinge of jealousy when I watch him crawl closer to her,
There is almost no space between them,
Are you two kissing?
Even ants have lovers,
But not me,
Even ants have someone to kiss,
But I don’t.
They’re both just standing there,
Are you talking to each other?
What is she saying?
Is she asking me to stop staring?
I wish I could make out what they are whispering so silently to themselves,
Both have them have one of their six legs touching each other.
Is that a leg or are you holding hands?
Out of all the places in the world,
Why did you have to choose my room for your date?
I feel lonely again,
So lonely.

Just a few feet away from me,
Her friend picks up a small piece of sugar and rushes back to her,
A small present for her, I can only assume.
Everyone else is laboring away in this sweaty room,
But these two are enjoying a lump of sugar in a corner all by themselves.

I try to lure them away from one another,
With a piece of candy,
I try to tempt her away,
Seducing her with a half-eaten liquorice,
But she only ignores me,
Barely even sniffing at the chocolate,
Can’t you even look away for a second?
Maybe I should just cause a diversion,
Seperate them for a bit and see what they’ll do.
I take the book beside me and hold it up between them,
This obstruction failed too as they only crawled around the gigantic book to see each other again,
My most diabolical of plots are foiled by these pests.

I have a sudden urge to just stamp on them,
For making me so bitter,
But that would only make me feel worse,
Won’t I be the only one defeated?
So I did nothing but kept prying on them,
Their friends keep passing by them,
Scurrying in all directions,
Even when someone else comes to try and break them up,
They’re still there, rooted to the same spot.
Everyone is a busybody,
Everyone except for them,
They seem to be the only ones living in the present.

Once my room is clean again,
After the last sugary bite,
They plodded away again, still in close proximity to one another,
They retreat together to where they came from,
Into the crack of a wall behind the desk,
Disappearing in darkness,
Away from my sight.
At least someone had a date in my room.

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      1. im better for sure:))) andddd yeah its been soo long,ive missed wp nd u,i think i might actually be active again😅 how are youu tho?❤️️

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