Do you see that woman in the distance too?
By the foot of the bed,
She always appears every night,
I spend each morning praying and hoping that she dies, at least for a day,
But she always reappears,
Every single night,
I’m mortified by the very sight of her.
Am I hallucinating or is she getting closer?
Boils on her pale skin,
Eyes devoid of emotions,
Cracked lips and a hoarse voice,
Her long nails brush against my skin each night,
Hot, acidic breath of hers that makes my face burn.

My breath is clogged up,
She has a hand across my throat,
Long nails dig deep in my flesh,
Opening wounds I didn’t know I had,
Memories gush out from within,
She loves to toy with my mind first,
A siren who shows me visions of things that never be,
Hopeful futures which won’t be realized,
And when I immerse myself in them,
She tightens her grip,
Strangling me and bringing me back to the present,
Her cruelty knows no bounds.

A single touch from her chills me to the bone,
Spittle laced with venom,
Resist as I may,
She pins my hands down with overwhelming force before ravishing me,
In her vicious attempts to conquer me,
The scaly lesions on her skin bruise mine,
While she cocks her head back, laughing mercilessly,
I feel completely drained,
So exhausted.
The marks of her nails form a trail from my neck, all the way down my chest,
Leaving gashing wounds over the lacerated flesh,
She sucks me dry with those morbid lips of hers,
Seeping up every last drop of my soul,
Until I’m unable to move.

In a state of comatose,
While she thrives off of my blood.
The more she dominates me,
The younger she gets,
But the heavier my mind feels.
The hideous scars all over her,
They are slowly disappearing,
Clearing up or being rubbed on me,
Her poison leaves me paralyzed,
Until I can’t fight her off anymore,
My loud shouts for help have now been reduced to a mere whimper,
She muffles them with her tongue,
In this way, she latches herself onto me bit by bit each night,
Until she’s all I can feel,
She’s claiming me in pieces.

A visitor from the dark, the only companion I’ve ever had,
One who, against my will, tucks me in to bed every night,
This lady sits beside me now,
With renewed energy, stroking my burning head with her smooth fingers,
A vindictive smile transfixed on her beautiful face,
She just sits there,
Stares at me blankly until I fall asleep.
I’ve already given my all to you,
What more do you want?
You’ve already left me vapid,
When will this end?
Please, I implore you,
Don’t leave me on the brink,
Just suck away what little’s left of me and leave me alone forever.

She’s still rooted at the same spot,
The denizen of the netherworld,
Watching on in an eerie silence,
My darling Succubus who just doesn’t leave me be.


11 thoughts on “Succubus

Add yours

    1. Haha, I occasionally try to venture into new genres to try my hand at them since I feel like I don’t exceptionally excel at any one.
      And having read a few of your posts, you’re really good at your Forte so that evens it out.
      Thank you for reading sweetie ❤.


    1. I did. This is about the third time I’ve written about her haha. I’m surprised you remember. I’m glad you actually read my posts and recall them. That honestly is the greatest compliment one can get, so thank you for that ❤❤

      Liked by 1 person

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