It was just another one of those boring days,
I was out playing football when my phone suddenly beeped,
It was a text from you,
My face lit up as I read what you had to say,
Your house was now empty,
It was to be that way for a couple more hours at the very least,
With your family going out for a movie, you decided to play ill and slip out of it,
You urged me over.

After hitting the showers as quick as I could,
Here I am,
Standing on your porch ringing the doorbell,
You answer in baggy sweats,
Fair enough,
You look great in anything,
Besides, it won’t even matter in a few minutes.
Rather than just exchange pleasantries,
You just pulled me inside quickly and bolted the door behind me shut,
All the while kissing me earnestly,
Pushing me so firmly against the door that the knob pierced painfully in my back.

Still locked together,
You guide me through your house,
Stumbling over different pieces of furniture, knocking over decors,
Not even wanting to waste a second,
Trying to find the way to your room with closed eyes,
With your legs wrapped tightly around me,
I fumbled through the hallway, pressing you against different doors of this seemingly ginormous apartment,
You’ve already unbuttoned my shirt by the time I toss you over the bed.
This empty house,
Just to ourselves,
It’d be a shame to pass up this opportunity.

With the lit lamp brightening up the room just enough for me to see you jump out of your pyjamas,
I’m nervous,
Each time it flickers, it excites me more,
Feeling your warm skin against my cool body,
Your touch is every bit as sensuous as I thought it’d be,
I’ve felt it so many times,
But never so freely,
Always in secrecy and half expecting to be caught.
But tonight is different.

There is no need to be wary,
With an untroubled conscience,
I can touch you all over,
Do you like it too?
Lend me your hand,
Let me guide you,
Embrace all that you touch,
I’m slowly going to start kissing you all over now.
Close your eyes and breathe easy,
Intertwine your fingers in mine,
We don’t have to rush.

I know I seem antsy,
But it’s only because I don’t want to let you down,
Please tell me what it is that you like,
Where you like it,
What provokes your fantasies,
Time is like sand,
It slips away faster the harder I try to grasp it.

Watching you spread over so magnificently over the striped linen,
Peering at me with inquisitive eyes,
Looking down at me,
Lips pursed tight trying to keep them shut,
I’d much rather hear you moan and call out to me,
From your curled up toes trying to grip the sheets,
Up to your aroused facial expressions,
I like everything about you.

When she was above me,
Her legs on either side of my waist,
And her, leaning dangerously close to me,
Occasionally touching lips,
No matter what, I can’t seem to satiate my thirst for you.

A car pulled up in your driveway,
You parted the windows just a little bit, scanning the curb nervously,
That’s when we heard the sound of faint footsteps just outside,
Keys clinking and turning in the keyhole,
Voices getting louder from the other side,
It’s your parents back so soon.
Panicking, you pick up my clothes from the foot of the bed and shove me along with them into the closet,
Turning the key and locking me in.

Held prisoner, all I could do is wait.
I could hear muffled voices on the other side,
I remember my sneakers that are left in the hallway,
My heart still beating fast,
I have no option but to sit down and hope no one notices them and that I remain undetected.

Several hours pass by and I’m still locked inside,
She looked in to check up on me several times,
Asking me to wait a few more hours until her parents fell asleep,
She said she took care of my shoes, passed them off as her brother’s who’s still outside.
She snuck in some food at dinner time for me,
Stayed in for as long as she could without arising any suspicion,
Leaving fresh new trails of lipstick over me every time she comes in.

An hour or two later,
When the sounds of lights flicked off and blanketed the house in perpetual darkness,
She turned the handle and locked us both in this time,
The look in her eye telling me we were going to pick up where we left off,
She pressed me into the shelves noisily,
With one leg on the ground to hold her steady,
And the other bent and resting in my hands,
She roughly shoves me on my back,
Knocking the books down and making a din.
But neither one of us care anymore,
If this is the sort of reward I’d get for being held hostage for a few hours,
I’d gladly do this every day.

It’s almost midnight,
After perturbing the peace of this silent neighborhood,
Your lips are coiled in satisfaction and you finally laxen your grip,
You kiss me for a good five minutes more before tiptoeing me silently through the house,
Sneaking me out the front door holding hands,
On the doorstep, there’s a twinkle in your eyes as you kiss me goodbye,
The cold weather seems tame and the empty streets feel pleasant after spending a night with you,
From a distance, I turn around and look at you again,
Waving with a smile on my lips,
Even without a parka on, I’m still warm from your touch tonight,
I enjoyed our little escapade,
Can we please do this again sometime?


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