The Girl From The Bar

The girl sitting by the bar,
I’ve noticed she’s been eyeing me for quite a while now,
She’s the one by the window,
In the white crop top,
And enticing fishnets to match,
She’s probably alone,
Downing glasses while still gauging me,
Not from the corner of her eyes.
I see her look straight in my eye as I try to avert her bold gaze.

After half an hour has passed in these meaningless exchanges,
She gets up from the barstool,
The clinking of her heels get nearer and my heart beats louder.
Without bothering to ask, she just pulls up a chair and sits beside me.
She exudes a pleasant fragrance,
A mix of lavender and strawberry,
After introducing herself in a manner that is both haughty yet self-confident in temperament,
A furrow on her left brow as I stutter nervously,
She already knows she has me flustered and she wasn’t impressed.
It’s quite evident she’s aware just how beautiful she is.

While I’m still taken aback because of this unexpected company,
She begins to lay down the groundwork for the night,
Without playing around or those unnecessary mind games, the vague hints and ambiguous gestures which more often than not peter out into nothing.
She has a rather direct approach,
Making perfectly sure to get straight to the point,
She says she’s looking for someone to take her home,
Just for one night to keep her company,
An impromptu hookup without any strings attached,
She says she’s emotionally unavailable and just looking to kill time.
She emphasizes that she’s going to be the one leading,
All I have to do is follow her,
And that all night long, we’ll be playing by her rules.
Her lips, which didn’t tremble in the slightest, felt warm and addictive from the first touch when she asked me to kiss her only if I agreed.

Once inside her room,
First thing she did was slip into something more comfortable,
A red, laced corset barely covering her,
Her contour that is so alluring it’s got me spellbound,
Hooked on to her salacious silhouette,
I can’t look anywhere but at her,
She beckoned me to sit down beside her on the bed,
Immediately her fingers stroke my thigh,
They move slowly upwards,
She knows I’m on tenterhooks but she still takes her time,
A sadistic smile spread over those rouge lips,
She’s definitely no stranger to the art of seduction,
I know she’s done this before,
It’s quite obvious from the way she’s already tamed me with just the faintest touch of her fingers,
But deep down,
I can’t help but wonder,
Behind an ocean of lust, is it sincerity I see in her blue eyes?
Am I being hopeful,
Or does she see me as different from the rest?

As if reading my thoughts,
And interrupting them in the best possible way,
Or perhaps to reemphasize my unspoken reveries,
She pushes herself against me,
Against the bedspread,
With the tee she had on a minute ago,
She uses it to tie my hands,
Bound my wrists tightly together and locks them behind my head,
While she leans closer,
Breathing heavily,
Staring unblinkingly into my soul,
Trying to read my thoughts,
Or to prolong my suffering,
I can’t tell what’s going on in that mind of hers,
Her eyes don’t give anything away either,
I yearn for her to kiss me again,
To feel warm again.

Her cruel tactics,
She said she doesn’t want to play games,
But here she is, manipulating my mind,
Her lips work their way down me,
Engulfing and showing me the light,
These brief moments when I feel loved,
Leading me to the brink before pulling away again,
All I can do is watch on helplessly.

She’s already completely bare,
Exposed under the vulnerable dark,
Towering before me,
Shining radiantly in this dark room.
But it’s of no use,
She’s away from my grasp,
All I can do is stare,
I’m not used to feeling so helpless,
The way you toy with me,
Bringing me to an unfamiliar desperation,
These feelings no one else has ever evoked.

From the first time I saw you,
I knew there was something about you,
Something different that set you apart from the rest,
The reason why I was afraid of making the first move,
But now I’m caught in this trap you lay for me,
You string me along in this game,
I feel myself losing,
All those seemingly perfect promises I hastily agreed to,
Now they became an impediment,
I don’t want to lose you by the end of this night,
Not so quick,
Not ever,
You are special.

While you liberate my hands,
Untying the knots whilst simultaneously kissing me so sensually,
Don’t tell me you don’t feel the way I do,
No one can kiss with so much emotion without meaning it,
I don’t know how,
Nor am I sure why,
But I’ve already fallen for you,
This night can be our fairy-tale,
The start of something special if you let it.

Something about you is different now,
I’m seeing you in a different light,
When you control me about,
You’re the only one I like conceding to,
Making me fulfill all your whims and fancies,
Or when you boss me around in bed,
Even if you don’t say it,
I know it’s only because you love me too.

She’s sitting over me,
Guiding my hands to touch her where she pleases,
This is new for me but I’m not saying I don’t like it,
Even the way she moans,
Just the noises she makes,
She asserts her dominance over me,
I want to be hers,
And hers alone,
I won’t ever let her down.

Once she convulses she’s still all over me,
Spread out and kissing me,
A groan of satisfaction as she collapses with a heave on the bed beside me.

I look at her affectionately while she yawns out loud,
Reaching in close to kiss her again,
That’s when she looks at me in surprise,
There’s a harsh and unyielding expression on her face,
Her voice grows colder and more indifferent, so much different from what it was a minute ago.

She eyed me coldly, picked up the clothes from the floor and threw them at me.
Without even letting me sleep over the rest of the night,
She just got me dressed again quickly instead against my will.
Then she asks me to leave immediately while I stare at her in disbelief.

When I’m still trying to come to grips with what’s going on,
She rushed me out her house,
Outside the front door, she pulled me,
On the porch, she thanked me and bid me goodbye,
The clock over her shoulder ticks 3am,
And without another word, she closed the door on my face,
Throwing me out on the streets all alone in this biting cold,
As I reluctantly made my way through the darkness left in loneliness again.

I’m not blaming her though,
She already made her stance clear from the beginning.
It’s just me,
I’m so done with getting too ahead of myself,
All those fantasies which will always remain just that.
I’ve had it with flings and falling head-over-heels over people for no apparent reason,
I’m just not cut out for this facade I’ve put up,
From this day, I’m going to isolate myself in my shell,
Coming out of it is painful,
I’ll just stay inside for all eternity, left alone with my hurting heart.

23 thoughts on “The Girl From The Bar

Add yours

      1. That’s the best compliment one can get.
        Wow, I’m flattered Porngirl ❀.
        As an FYI, I love reading about your day/views on different topics on your blog too. You have a nice ability to word out your thoughts.


      2. Thank you. I love writing. Like you seem to as well. It’s a beautiful outlet for our dreams and realities. A place for the conscious and subconscious to collide and unite. You have a fan here. πŸ’–πŸ’‹

        Liked by 1 person

    1. I did eventually end up falling for her. It’s just that she didn’t reciprocate my feelings as she only wanted a fling. I initially agreed but being intimate made the experience more meaningful to me than to her who just shunned me away after the night was over.
      Also. Thank you for reading, and your lovely words, Susi ❀.

      Liked by 1 person

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