Insatiable Greed

She’s sitting on the couch next to me,
Behind the drawn curtains, the sun is setting in the horizon,
Descending slowly and painting the world a mellow orange,
I can’t stop myself from turning her to face me,
You can watch your dramas some other time,
Look at me for now,
She smiles coyly and I can feel her fresh breath on my face,
Her eyes that blink rapidly when I pull her close,
Warm lips meet in this cool evening,
I press her against the sides of the sticky leather,
With one hand, I turn off the television,
The other caresses her,
Playing with her skin,
I climb over her,
Letting loose her tied hair,
Deftly taking off the scrunchie,
Stealthily unhooking the clasp,
She anticipates my next move,
Her hands are wandering all over me,
Half a smile on her lips while we continue to kiss,
It’s not even dark yet but I can’t wait any longer,
I want you right now,
I whisper in your ear while you only laugh in response,
I’m so curious to see what’s in your mind,
To see your fantasies,
I want to see that lewd girl you’ve kept hidden from me,
I want to be familiar with every part of you,
Let her take over for tonight.

The couch groans noisily as you shift all your weight on me,
It doesn’t matter,
Just look straight in my eyes and tell me what you see,
The deep rooted desire, is it as evident in my eyes as it is on my lips?
Rub your skin against mine and don’t stop,
Let your conscience take the reigns,
You lead and I’ll follow,
I like seeing you get into the rhythm of this sensual evening,
I like seeing your hair sway wildly,
And you biting your lower lip,
Bite mine instead,
The leather sticks to my leg as you sit on me,
I’m greedy for your touch,
There’s no rush,
Even after you’ve climaxed,
Sit on my lap a bit longer,
Let your lips linger over mine for a while more,
Until I can’t tell my tongue apart from yours,
Just like that.

An hour later when she’s in the kitchen,
Behind the counter,
Baking one of her delicious, delectable brownies,
But their smell isn’t what entices me,
I can’t help but follow you inside,
Hug you from behind while you’re still unaware,
Kiss the nape of your neck,
Make you feel ticklish and hold you by your petite waist,
Turn you around and pick you up to seat you on the marble counter,
You’ve already put the dough in the oven,
Now maybe you should pay attention to me instead again,
I take some of the spilt chocolaty batter, rub it on her nose and lick it off,
Untie the floral apron to reveal the garden underneath,
Lift her skirt just a bit,
Sitting on the counter,
She’s leaning against the shelf,
Holding her body in place with both hands behind to support her,
Your breath is getting heavier and erratic,
Moans which get louder and more unstable,
The fragrant scent that’s making me tipsy,
It doesn’t emanate from the oven,
Beads of sweat mixed trickle down your legs,
With one foot on the cool marble,
And the other held by me,
That’s when you let me in,
The way you move,
Your giddy motions knock down the utensils behind,
Let me hold you steady,
I want to feel your breath in my ear,
I crave for you infinitely,
The sweetest syrup that is you,
Spill it lightly over my parched lips,
And let me douse you in some fine wine you’ve grown so fond of,
A beep sets off and the alarm on the oven goes off,
Just in time because maybe we can grab a bite together before I fill my limitless appetite again with my favorite snack that is you.

It’s getting pretty late,
The bathwater is lukewarm,
Just the way you like it,
Maybe we should hop in together to save us both time,
She leads me in by my hand,
Climbing into the tub beside me,
Wetting me with her palms,
She splashes me with a cheeky grin while I wet her with my fingers,
I feel her legs against mine in this cramped space,
As I wipe her clean,
Every part of her,
Emphasizing certain spots more than the others,
The soap makes her skin slippery,
The lather and bubbles concealing us as we merge in them,
Every time I feel drained,
Just the sight of you invigorates me again,
Diving headfirst into this inviting ocean,
Wrap me like the water wraps you,
Leave no space between and let me drown in your depth.
A kiss from you is what keeps me going,
We worked up quite a sweat today,
I want to be the one who also gets you clean again,
The smoothness imparted by the foam,
It opens up new gates of pleasure,
Coupled with the sight of your wet body,
It is enough to take me to ecstasy yet again,
Running the towel over her and dabbing it gently on her precious skin,
I wrap her in her soft robe after climbing out.

Let’s call it a day,
Are you tired out too?
Retreat in the bedroom with me,
Put me to sleep,
Speak to me for a while,
Talk about what makes you happy,
Tell me something,
I just want to hear your voice,
I’m always eager to listen to everything you have to tell me.
Look at me with those bedroom eyes,
And your messy hair,
You look so beautiful.
Over the soft mattress,
Under the warm sheets,
Turn up the aircon and slip inside the quilt with me,
You’re getting quite drowsy,
Your warm hands that I hold so earnestly,
The somniferous touches you impart with your fingertips,
Tracing over my entire being,
In the darkness, you grow bolder,
Shifting slyly and pressing into me,
You are embracing me again,
Your lips sing me a lullaby without uttering a sound,
Even though my senses are as sharp as a knife,
I’m oddly quite relaxed,
The hot blood that courses through my veins,
Your kisses are the antidote,
You’re the only one who can tame me this way,
I’m too chilly,
If you aren’t too tired out already,
Can you let me caress you a bit more?
The warmth of your body is like a balm that spreads their way all over me,
My narcotic,
Every wave of pleasure you set off within me,
It puts me at ease and induces a cosy feeling that makes me more comfortable and sleepy,
I think I’ll sleep pretty well for a change,
At the end of this night,
Kiss me one last time,
Before exhaustion finally spreads its sleepy cloak over us,
And with a yawn,
We both slowly drift off,
Still snuggled up into each other.

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