Your Reflection

Your reflection in the huge mirror by the dresser,
I can see you look at me with sideway glances,
When you put on that silver dress with laces,
One that accentuates your silhouette,
Apply your coral matte lipstick,
Wear earrings that dangle about hypnotically as you sway your head,
And a necklace that you tie across your neck.
From those side drawers you pull out a concealer, a blusher and your mascara,
Don’t mind me just sitting here, watching you,
I promise I won’t make a noise,
I like watching you get dressed, you already know that,
You can take as much time as you need,
I’m in no hurry.

I’m fine with whatever you wear,
But I want you to spoil me tonight,
Treat me differently,
Dress extravagantly,
Let’s show up everybody at the party later,
Don’t hold anything back.
Your highlighter,
It makes you glow from afar,
You’re shining like you always do.
And that blusher,
It makes your cheeks scarlet,
So red and alluring,
Don’t forget that shiny necklace.

I’m thinking,
Maybe you should let loose your hair,
I like how they bounce with each step that you take,
Those blond tips really make you look special.
Feed your vanity,
A bit of narcissism never killed anyone,
Spray a few drops of that vanilla cologne over your wrists and rub them over you,
You are so gorgeous,
Take pride in yourself,
If you have it, why not flaunt it?
Even if you think it is haughty,
I think you’re perfect,
I know you’ll draw envious gazes from everyone,
I don’t want to cage you,
I’d much rather show you off,
Look good for me tonight, will you?

The reflection which stares back at me,
Through the mirror,
It’s like you’ve put a spell on me,
Taken my breath away,
All I can do is gape at you in awe,
Rub my eyes in disbelief and pinch myself,
While you’re still seated elegantly on that ottoman,
You make me walk up to you,
Caress your exposed shoulders,
Trace the length of your hands,
I can’t stop myself from bending down and kissing your neck,
I’ve lost count.

I brush your hair aside with one hand,
And kiss your nape,
While you whimper delightfully,
Here’s an idea,
I whisper in your ear,
Aren’t we late already?
Might as well give the party a slip,
I’m not particularly fond of anyone attending either,
It’s only your company I enjoy most,
You weren’t looking forward to leaving home tonight either, were you?

You make me face you,
Your thinly coated lips rub over me,
Don’t be too angry if I ruin your makeup,
I know I was the one who insisted you to doll up,
But let me be the reason why it’s smeared in the end too,
Your ephemeral touches make me yearn for more,
Time is a luxury I can’t afford,
I pick you up and sit you over the dresser,
Spread yourself luxuriously over the rosewood,
Put yourself at ease,
Get more comfortable.

Kiss me now,
While I lay you bare,
Disrobing you piece by piece,
Your sweet hands that are in mine,
And those fingers that I taste one by one,
Your scent makes me swoon,
It only makes me more excited,
And so do those purrs that escape your lips so seductively,
Your reflection stares back at you lustfully,
I want you to burn that image in your mind,
I want you to familiarize yourself with this side of you,
Her lips coiled sensually and her eyes barely open,
My fingers get moist and more wet,
They slip in and out with ease,
See how they drip on to the carpet below.

Against the mirror,
Your head is leaning against its frame,
And your fingers pull at my hair while you bite your bottom lip in muted pleasure.
The sight of you moaning is ethereal,
Rid of all inhibitions,
Just that one word repeatedly escapes your lips,
One hearing which spurs me on more.
You pull me back up and taste yourself off the tip of my tongue,
While your hands unbutton my shirt and throw it away,
Intoxicating, aren’t you?

You’re squatting before the mirror,
I can tell you’re intrigued,
By that reflection which peers back at you,
Inquisitive, yet bold,
A look of tenderness about her,
Yet wrapped in a fierce aura that exudes confidence,
She has her hair untidily scattered over her face,
And a hungry look,
She’s insatiable and she has her hand around me,
The lewd woman who stares back,
Almost indifferentiable,
She guides me in impatiently,
Her hand outstretched,
Gripping at the frame,
Trying to hold herself steady and keep her balance,
You study her so earnestly,
Surprised by how well she moves,
And how radiant she looks.
Do you like what you see too?

Her reflection looks back at me,
I can’t take my eyes off it,
Watching you look at me so lustfully,
Little drops of sweat trickle down your back and onto me,
You’re pulling me into you again,
With so much ease now,
Like poetry in motion,
You flow into me like liquid,
Artistically crafted, the warmth you impart,
Please hold me this way forever.

You’re lost too,
I can see how surprised you are,
Mesmerized by your own reflection,
This is how I see you every night,
Do you finally understand why I’m so addicted to you?
This beautiful sight in front of you,
The surreal woman just ahead of you,
You look at it with fascination,
Go on,
Immerse yourself in the passion in her eyes,
Reach out and place your hand over hers,
Tell her just how special she is,
Kiss her through the mirror,
See yourself the way I see you everyday.

This mirror overlooking everything,
It watches you push me over the bed,
Shows you clambering over me and kissing me all the way from my neck all the way down,
It reflects you as you straddle me with ease now,
This is exactly what I had in mind when I asked you to spoil me,
Your blinking eyelashes remain fixated on me as you pick up the pace,
And your voice grows louder,
Before you collapse,
Lie over me, exultant,
Let me hold you,
Wrap your hands behind my back.

Her reflection stares back at her drowsily as she closes her tired lips after letting out a content sigh,
All those times you thought she wasn’t good enough,
That she put on weight or wasn’t pretty enough,
All your needles worrying,
You only needed this perspective,
Don’t be harsh on her anymore.
I’m glad we made the right decision tonight,
Thank you for making me feel so special,
For spoiling me so in your warmth,
I roll you over,
Kiss you softly and fall asleep beside you.

9 thoughts on “Your Reflection

Add yours

  1. Somewhat similar to ‘The Wardrobe ‘, if I’m not wrong.😂
    Sometimes I seriously wish to print your pieces and post to all the sensual writers esp. Cheaten so they know there are some even awesome writers who aren’t just able to write novel due to college.😭😭

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Haha yes, this could be passed off as the sequel to the Wardrobe.
      Actually, you could link all my writings in a particular way so that they form a novel from beginning to the end 😂.
      But seriously though, you’re so sweet you’ll make cry with your wonderful words one of these days ❤😭.

      Liked by 2 people

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