High off Love

Her tongue slid over me,
Parted lips fitting mine,
Stifling my breath,
A pill she split,
She slips it in my mouth,
A mini Xanax,
She makes it dance in my mouth,
Twirling her tongue around mine,
Twisting up,
Moulding in one like origami,
Then she presses my mouth shut,
Watching me expectantly and waits for me to swallow.

Her bloodshot eyes,
And the toke in one hand,
She takes a puff off the bong,
Blowing smoke in the electric air,
It’s all getting hazy,
A cloud of smoke,
And I’m caught in a daze.
The room is distorted in a blur as the drugs kick in,
Everything slowly disappears from view,
Everything but her,
She only shines more,
Getting prettier by the second,
Her spaced out eyes keep leering,
Her attractive face comes closer and her breath, more intense,
A Blunt only becomes meaningful when she exhales the smoke in me.

Could it be that I’m addicted already?
More so off her than these scattered purple pills,
The world has slowed down for us tonight,
Little bursts of colorful explosions go off in the sky,
I can feel even your slightest touches,
The subtle quiver in your lips,
And the twitching of the other set,
When you rock slow,
Convulsing in little tremors that echo through your body,
My senses are sharp as knife,
The stimulant which is your skin,
It makes me concentrate on you,
When everything else disappears,
Take my hand and follow me to the moon,
Don’t be timid,
It’s our private getaway,
A portal to which no one else is welcome.

There’s a new dimension in the way you love me,
Is it real or am I hallucinating?
With elevated senses,
I can feel even your moans,
You make my hair stand on end with the faintest of contacts,
An adrenaline rush greater than the one from a kiss of Sweet Lucy,
Meaningful strokes which turn to something else,
There’s something about the way you flick your tongue,
Attuned with my dirtiest desires,
A sensation that transcends any hit of ecstasy,
Your influence is slowly spreading its way within me,
Being Blitzd together,
Everything I’ve fantasized,
Your pair of lips bring it to reality.

Temperatures rising,
It’s getting hotter,
Your body which sweats more profusely,
My fingers find their way and slid within seamlessly,
Moaning in pain,
Even in a manic state,
When the world has slowed down for us,
You make me feel so good.

My guilty pleasure that is you,
I want to take a bite of that forbidden apple,
Even if it gets me hooked,
I can repent tomorrow,
I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself if I let you go so easily,
You always leave me wanting more,
Taking shots off your bare self,
Succumbing to temptation,
I want to end every night with your lips on my cheek,
You induce feelings in me I can’t quite understand,
When we’re one under the blanket of darkness,
You clear my mind,
You and that X pill,
A puff of Ether coupled with your kiss,
It generates quite a buzz,
Alleviate the stress and bring me to a state of bliss,
When your soft skin rubs against mine,
And our silhouettes merge,
A euphoria you invoke unparalleled to any prescription.

The antidote to my insomnia,
Your breath reeks of alcohol,
Spill some gently in my mouth,
Consciousness is underrated,
An impediment which only holds us back,
I’d rather set myself loose when I’m with you,
You leave me wanting more,
An insatiable thirst just for you,
My mind’s in a frenzy,
Tempting me with your seductive glance,
I’ve lost innocence,
A risqué tryst,
Reduced to this mess before you,
As we sit blown out from that joint,
You’re the culprit,
But I have no regrets,
Just as long as you spoil me more,
Sobriety is a thing of the past,
Even if I’ve recollection of our tryst when sun dawns,
Live in the moment with me.
Don’t pour me a glass,
Empty the whole bottle of Jager from your mouth in mine,
Slip another Ambien in between,
Chugging it down in a breath,
To the point where we both pass out in each other’s embrace.

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