Hidden Jewel

The shifty sands of eternity,
Dunes which rise and meet the dry sky,
To which I remain a prisoner,
Meaningless wanderings over the years,
Meanderings that have finally led me to this spot,
To a shore lined with golden sand on one side,
And pure water on the other,
A mirage or salvation,
A spring I’m drawn to,
Escaping these shackles,
Embracing the crashing waves.

Drifting further away with each incoming tide,
It pushes me away from my misery,
Healing waves which brought forth and lay a jewel from the oceans within,
An oyster lay by my feet,
It grazed my toe,
And invigorated fascination,
An ornament which lay close,
It’s true beauty concealed and hidden under the hard shell,
Covered in seaweed,
Foliage which adorns this treasure.

A simple inspection doesn’t paint the whole picture,
In an oasis where I’m parched,
It calls out to me,
Serenading in a voice unheard of to others,
Bit by bit,
It reveals itself more,
Enticing and devouring me,
Sucking me within itself,
Revealing its secrets to me,
The more I try to avoid it,
The more I try to resist,
It only sucks me deeper,
Away from the burning sand,
It heals me miraculously.
It piques my curiosity,
Curiosity that feeds something far more intense,
A certain addiction as my fingers grow moist,
Yet I persist.

Along the coarse sand,
And in the midst of the mysterious ocean,
It speaks to me,
Probing me,
Like the song of a siren,
It tempts me to part the weeds,
And it divulges an ocean of itself,
One that’s unique to the sea I’m standing in,
An ocean which purifies me,
And taints me with sin,
The roaring waves within,
Beg me to tame this violent storm.
A sticky nectar which oozes out effortlessly,
Spills onto my lips and falls on the sand below.

It reacts in lovely way,
My hardened heart races,
Succumbing to temptation,
It’s almost opened up,
Just enough to let me in,
Engulfing me in exactly the way I wished it would,
A steady melody which emanates and keeps us going,
These waves that I ride,
Camouflaged by the ever shifting sand,
It keeps me in,
Making sure I return,
I can never wander too far off when it beckons to me.

It’s all clear when I’m submerged,
I can see without a distorted vision,
Every instruction,
And whims,
The more I grow familiar,
It connects with me,
A bond known only to the two of us,
Shrouded in secrecy,
It shows me the way,
And once it’s lured me far enough,
When I’m past the point of no return,
I feel something graze my fingertip again,
Something soft and small,
I have no option but to keep going.

I walk through the different chambers,
Instinctively now rather than guided,
The shore is a distant blur,
And my mind is lighter,
Feeling more alive than ever,
I’m staring at a blank wall,
Unraveling different layers,
Almost at the end now,
After I’ve taken a dip in the forbidden fountain of youth,
The oyster now lays wide open,
It’s secrets are mine,
And I’m a part of it,
Hidden and cloaked underneath these lairs,
Out of the darkness,
Greets me a little pearl,
One that I’ve soiled with my impure desires.

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