Behind the flowing curtains,
Is where you stand,
Looking out the open window,
Standing in your sweats,
The cool breeze plays with your hair,
Like the moon hidden behind the clouds,
I hold you tight,
Hugging you from the back,
Show me what you’re looking at too,
These constellations you’re so fascinated by,
I’d still prefer staring at you instead,
These ephemeral lights,
All pale in comparison to the lasting, stunning beauty that is you,
I can reach out and touch you,
Caress and embrace you,
Kiss you under the silvery moonlight.

In a room as dark as this,
You shine the brightest,
So luminous I can’t resist feeling your lips,
I’m enchanted by your pale shoulders,
And how you pull me toward the bed,
Spread your legs in front of me,
Seductively bending one against the other,
Revealing yourself to me in bits,
You’re such a tease.
The little table lamp illuminates you while you unbutton your shirt.

On a night as sensual,
I want to give myself to you,
If you let me,
I want to walk you through the echelons of your heart,
All your desires,
We can turn them to reality,
In this magical night,
If you’re willing to be vulnerable enough,
Things that arouse you,
And your hidden fantasies,
Speak to me,
Dirty thoughts you have,
Tell me everything,
I want to be in tune with your whole being.

You set the tone,
We can take it as slow as you want,
The things we’ve done together,
I’m okay with going further,
Only limit is your imagination,
Does this feel good?
When I touch you this way?
I want to see your whispers turn to whimpers,
If you only show me how to love you,
I don’t want to disappoint,
Not when it comes to you,
I want to reciprocate for every other night,
Let me show you just how much you mean to me.

Don’t act like you’re timid when you’re alone,
Those times when you play by yourself when no one’s watching,
In the secrecy of the night,
How should I stroke you?
Tell me everything clearly,
Two fingers or perhaps three,
I want to be in sync with your lewd desires,
To learn how to love you,
Don’t open your eyes yet,
This sweet lucid dream is still incomplete.

It’s okay to be selfish,
You don’t have to burden yourself with pleasing me tonight,
To see you in raptures of delight,
That’d be satisfying enough,
Being the reason why you writhe in pleasure,
That’s something special in itself.
Your fingers in my hair,
Redirect them and push my face as deep in as you please,
Your moans are indicative of your receptivity.
Each flick of the tongue,
Does it excite you as much as I think it does?

Ambiguity isn’t well suited for tonight,
Be expressive with your words,
Explicit with your body,
Do as you please,
Whether that means you want to start off on top,
And end the night while more at ease,
I’ll leave it for you to decide,
The tempo of the night when you clamber over me,
Long, loose hair which tickle me,
Brief pauses and the occasional kisses,
These form part of your routine.

Just the way you like it,
I roll you over and kiss you delicately,
From your petite collarbone,
Down your back,
Not stopping,
Not until your throat is too hoarse to moan,
And your toes curl up in delight,
To every single inch of you,
Places where my tongue hasn’t been before,
Uncharted territories no one’s been before,
Trigger, tickle and tantalize those nerve endings you didn’t know you had,
Every spot of you I want to taste,
Until you’re covered by my love all over,
Paying attention to every last detail,
I want to savor every bit of you.

Mild strokes grow in intensity,
When you spur me on,
Commanding me in a more confident voice now,
That’s more like it,
Boss me around,
Make me yours,
Reprimand and reward me later,
Cuss at me to your heart’s desire,
Throw vulgar slangs my way,
Talk dirty and take charge of me,
Be more haughty.

I can feel your nails digging deep in my skin,
Your eyes burning in mine,
And your legs wrapped around me,
Viciously biting my lip before I collapse over you,
Soaking up every last drop,
All the while kissing me,
You smile at me,
The sort of smile I yearned to see since the beginning of the night,
My reward is seeing you happy,
I hope I was successful,
All I wanted to do is make you feel as special as I know you are.

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