The Wedding

From when I opened my eyes this morning,
I knew there was something special about today,
I couldn’t hold my excitement even then,
Did you feel those butterflies in your stomach too?
The day dragged on for far too long,
Time seemed to crawl and derive sadistic pleasure from watching me suffer.
But when night finally fell,
When you finally stood in front of me,
I couldn’t conceal my glee after seeing you.

You look so luminous,
Under the silvery moonlight,
In an open meadow,
Walking toward me slowly and gracefully,
In tune to the soft jazz music echoing,
In your processional,
Your outstretched hands held by your father,
It’s only a matter of time until I get a hold of them,
Without ever letting go.
I played this scenario countless times in my head,
But it still feels surreal,
Like one of those dreams you have early in the mornings,
I only hope I never wake up from this one.
I keep pinching myself,
And rubbing my eyes in disbelief as you walk closer.

You stand below the arbor next to me,
Wearing that white mermaid gown,
I can paint out your silhouette,
Holding bouquet of orchids in your hands,
But the real flower is you,
The glittering necklace which adorns your long neck,
And your beautiful face covered by locks of brown hair falling down on either side,
It makes you look angelic.
I could tell you’re as nervous as I am,
When you inch close and grab hold of my hands,
Do you hear my heart beating fast?
I’m not usually like this,
But tonight is something special.

As we’re overlooked by an admiring crowd and fawning gazes,
None of which make me more nervous as your expectant eyes,
Eyes which burn into mine like lit torches of desire,
Watching me attentively while I speak my vows,
Your lips are smiling when you catch me silently mouthing out an inside joke,
You hold my hands tighter,
After we exchange vows,
I pull you closer and kiss you to the applause of the overlooking spectators.

My fingers wrap over your hand,
And together we run the blade of the knife through the red velvet cake,
You take the first bite and feed me some,
Your laugh rings loud in my ear,
The kind of laugh I want to hear every single morning,
I’ve only dreamt of this day,
This was just the first step of something special,
But I promise to never take you for granted,
I hope you trust me too,
It’s rare that I fall in love,
But now that I have,
I know I’ll never fall out of it,
Not when it’s with you.

There is a special glow in your cheeks,
You’re shining radiantly,
Holding my attention from the very first sight of you,
Uptil now when I’m with you up on the aisle,
You’ve still got me enchanted,
Every time I see you,
You invoke new feelings within me,
Pleasant sensations,
Leaving me bedazzled,
Nothing else can compare,
Just as long as I have you,
Nothing else matters.

You’re growing into the wedding,
No longer shy and timid,
I like you better this way,
Laugh freely,
Introduce me to your friends,
And let me show you off proudly to mine,
As my missus for the first time.
Take my hand and do a waltz,
It’s your night,
Where only you matter,
Don’t be nervous anymore,
Is it just how you had imagined it to be?
Is it every bit as special as you had fantasized?

When the night draws to a blurry close,
After you’ve thrown your bouquet in the wind,
Left to be caught by one of your lucky bridesmaids,
An hour or two later,
You’re sitting in front of me,
On the bed scattered with petals of roses,
Beckoning me toward you,
The vanilla scent you exude is hypnotizing,
Your bent finger that gestures me,
I’m drawn closer to you.

You crawl over the reach out and place your hands on either side of my face,
Meeting lips,
There is no urgency I am so familiar with,
Instead, you opt to take things slow,
Setting the tone for the night to your desire,
There is no rush,
You can let this night be as long as you want it.
I feel your fingers in my hair,
Grazing my back,
Feeling my collar,
Loosening my tie,
Brushing the blazer lightly off my shoulder,
Pulling me over you while you lie on your back.

The netted veil,
I part it away,
You’re looking at me wide-eyed,
That lace of yours comes undone,
The thousands of mirrors on your gown,
Hold millions of reflections of me,
But I look best in your eyes.
My finger traces the length of your back,
Unzipping your dress,
And taking off the earrings,
Your necklace is next to come off,
None of these things matter anymore,
You don’t need jewels to make you glow,
They’re all just accessories anyway.
Apart from that little ring on your finger,
Let everything else come off,
That’s what makes you so special.

I’ve seen you this way so many times before,
But it’s different tonight,
You have an angelic and delicate aura about you,
I want to savor every bit of you,
Spoil you,
Rid you off your innocence,
Make you rediscover yourself,
Sides to you you hadn’t known,
Each flick of the tongue sets off waves of pleasure,
And you spasm before my aroused eyes,
Your pallid skin welcomes every touch,
It begs to be embraced,
And I’m only too happy to oblige,
The sincerity behind my words,
Let me convey them through my actions.

Your lips make their way down,
You earnestly look up to lock eyes,
The crown of your head looks especially pretty tonight,
Pushing me on my back,
You then descend slowly over me,
Your hands on my chest,
Resuscitating me,
They press down hard.
And bent legs,
Your head is thrown backward in ecstasy.

The garter around your ankle grabs my attention,
Slowly, I grip it with my teeth and take it off you as you watch with bated breath,
The lace tickles my skin,
Your soft kisses,
And warm embraces,
You wrap your arms around me,
Making me sink beside you in bed,
In your hands,
I’ve never felt more at home,
Just lying down beside you,
With your inquisitive eyes still on me,
And your lips still lingering over mine,
The ring on your finger is gleaming even in the dark,
It suits you so well.

Your eyes are tired,
With a yawn,
But you seem rather dejected,
Looking a little crestfallen,
You whisper that it’s over already,
Your special night which you were looking forward to,
Murmuring in disappointment,
Wishing it’d last a bit longer.
I couldn’t help but smile,
Kiss you again,
We still have gifts that we’ll unwrap together tomorrow,
I call dibs on all the big ones.

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