The Eternity Together

A warm rush of air in my ear,
You are lying beside me,
Breathing in my ear,
A hand across my chest,
Still asleep,
Your hair strewn untidily across your face,
Your dress in wrinkles,
And your makeup smudged,
Yet you look ethereal,
I could stare at you all day and not get tired.

Just watching you at peace brings me comfort,
Being next to you makes me feel safe,
And holding you brings me warmth,
It doesn’t matter how many days pass,
I still feel as giddy as I did the first time I woke up next to you.
I didn’t think this day would come,
When being at home felt better than going out,
When I’d wake up to the same face every time and still feel special.

It’s all thanks to you,
This new perspective you’ve imparted,
You looked past my flaws,
Got rid of my insecurities,
And for that I’ll always be grateful,
I was incomplete,
There was always something missing,
But because of you,
My eternity is warmer than it was.

Even when time passes by,
You’re still the same,
There’s nothing about you that I don’t like,
Nor is there anything about you that I’d alter,
When we end our day together,
The way your hair tickle my chin,
And how your pulse calms my heart down,
I wish to return the warmth you’ve given me.

There’s nowhere else I’d rather be,
Than with you,
And among tiny little versions of us running around,
Your reflections that have adapted the best parts of us,
Hopefully more of yours than mine,
When I look at them,
And at you,
I realize that I’m so blessed,
More so than you’ll ever know,
When I look in your eyes,
I still feel the same love I did all those years ago.
That was a lie,
It has only grown in intensity,
It’s only you I want to grow older with.

When I’m with you,
I can truly let myself go,
A lot of time has passed,
But I’m still just as fortunate as I was,
I realize now how foolish it was of me to have worried,
Even if we don’t show affection as much as we used to,
Know that nothing has changed.
Even if you don’t say you love me as frequently,
I know you still do.
I wish I’m not too overbearing,
And that you too can count on me just the way I count on you,
If you can have faith in me,
I don’t want to let you down,
I want to become someone you can rely on too,
Because you don’t realize what you mean to me,
Perhaps you never will either,
I was accustomed to that murky darkness,
I’d never known love,
Had it not been for you.

For which, I want to repay you,
I want to become someone you stay in love with,
Winning you over was one thing,
But ensuring I remain someone you want to be with is what’s more important.
Someone you can be proud of over the years,
I promise to never take you for granted,
To remain a person you can genuinely trust,
And I won’t let you down,
Tell me you believe in me,
I’ve learnt that compromising is essential,
Not everything can be perfect.
But it’s as close to it as it gets when we work together.
We may bicker at times,
And have a few disagreements where we can’t see eye-to-eye,
But none of that is important,
Just as long as we resolve our differences,
Talk to me and be honest,
I don’t want you to hide anything from me.
They say communication is key,
Please tell me everything that worries you,
Was I insensitive toward you?
Yes, you’ve hurt me too but that was in the past,
It’s irrelevant now that I know you didn’t mean it.

And when tomorrow comes,
Let’s be glad it’s with each other,
Even if you do occasionally make me sleep on the couch,
There’s no one else I’d rather share my life with,
Than with you,
The person I can always rely on,
The person I love,
The reason to look forward to each day.
When nothing goes my way,
When it seems easier to just give up and quit,
Life was an uphill battle,
A chore, rather than a gift,
That’s when you became the voice of reason.
When I fret needlessly and stress over things that aren’t worthy,
I had you to walk me through it,
From the darkness,
To show me just how beautiful life really is.

When that day comes,
When we have grey hair,
You’ll still be just as pretty,
You worry unnecessarily,
I’ll love you just the same with wrinkles,
That one day we may look back and reminisce together,
At the memories we made,
All the trips and vacations we’ve been on,
Each moment we spent together,
Let’s leave no regrets,
Because with you by my side,
Just that reassurance of you always being there,
That’s what really matters,
And I wouldn’t have it any other way,
Because there’s no one I love more than you.

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