A light alien to this flashy world,
In a city corrupt with distorted noise,
She’s the soothing music which stands out,
A visual treat and she stimulates the mind,
Just the way she is,
She doesn’t need any effort to draw fascination her way,
A walking enigma who pulled me towards her.

The tone of the night was set when she was drawn to me,
Her leg loosely dangled down the Grand piano,
Enticingly she exposed her ankle and with the red heel,
Lifted the black halter top further,
Leaving little to imagination.

The clicking your heels grew louder,
When everything fell silent,
Only the rhythmic beating of your footsteps was apparent.
And your breath fell lightly on my shoulder,
Your heart is beating fast,
Putting me in a trance,
Hypnotizing me,
Eyes that remain fixated on me,
I can feel the subtle way your lips quiver when they meet mine.

It’s beginning again,
The little waltz under the darkness,
You make me react,
Captivate me with your pulse,
Hardening my heart,
You’re playing with me again,
Art the two of us conjure together,
Your voice begins to shake and crack,
A toccata which I orchestrate,
Of which I’m the maestro,
I like watching you sway to the tone I set.

We can match each other’s melodies,
The reverberations in your voice,
Each echo,
And the switch in cadences,
Soaring through different notes,
Ending with little high note crescendos,
Which reduce to an inaudible whimper.
A virtuosa and a veteran Ventriloquist,
When my fingers pry one set of lips open,
The moan escapes the other.

Blend in with the mood of the night,
The alluring twilight,
A step forward and one back,
Won’t you let me lead?
Pull into me and do a twirl,
Match your feet to the tempo of Jazz,
A symphony we can conjure up together,
Our very own duet,
Just the two of us,
I want us to stay in tune,
To keep you on your toes,
Can you do a pirouette for me?

Our voices blend in so well with each other,
They compliment each other,
A Fugue when my groans meet your moans,
In harmony when I feel you tug on my heartstrings,
You play me so well,
Holding one key,
The ecstasy in your eyes is evident,
When I pin down your hands,
You’re my harmonica and I’m your flute,
You complete me,
Following instinct,
I can hear your unspoken words,
Clairaudient for unsaid desires,
Together, we can make something beautiful.

To the beat,
You crash into me,
Grooving and rocking in tune to my heartbeat,
A body roll,
Vibrations and convulsions,
Gracious movements which leave me wanting more,
Bridge the gap between us,
A chorus of ecstasy,
Composition of love you produce so meticulously,
You’ve struck such a meaningful chord with me,
I keep hearing your voice in my ears,
They keep ringing with your whispers,
Moans which become my earworm,
A sigh, so profound which became the outro.
Even when you’ve collapsed in my arms,
I still want you endlessly,
Touch me again so that we may rewind back the hands of the clock,
When you look at me the way you do,
That’s the only thing I yearn for,
Our encore.

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      1. This is incredibly late, so I apologize.
        But I’m doing well too. Just struggling to meet my deadlines haha. Last sem though, so I’ll be done soon enough. Do pray that I clear my finals with a good score 😜

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