On the sheets is an exquisite panorama,
Your outstretched self takes up my bed,
From head to foot,
You’ve been waiting for me,
Lying there while striking a pose,
Head on one hand,
While the other was by your side,
Moving along your form.
You tap the mattress with a finger,
Inviting me over,
Making place for me,
Biting your lip,
And with a twitch in your eye.

You spread out in front of me like a lucid dream,
The lamp by the bed,
You turn the knob.
Not all the way down,
Only till the room is filled,
With a dim, orangey light all around.
Then you untie the knot that holds up your silky nightgown,
I watch it fall silently over the floor below.

You make your way to me,
Crawling beside me,
And burning your eyes deep within mine,
Pleading me silently to meet lips,
Every time you lead me on,
All your approaches,
I used to give in so easily.
But you try to take my hand tonight,
And guide it over you,
To touch and hold you,
But I coldly shrug it off,
I’m only going to watch you.

I want to test your limits,
To see how much you can endure,
Get you so worked up,
Until you can’t take it anymore.
I watched you put on,
Then strip,
That little red dress I love so much,
Smeared that lipstick I think delicious,
And wear those fishnets I love ripping apart,
You try so hard to treat my eyes.

Try to play with my mind like I love playing with yours,
Seduce me,
Earn what you want,
Make me want to get up and embrace you,
The thin layer of satin I picked off the floor,
That wet spot stayed as vivid as ever as I taste it.

Tempt me and make me yearn for you like you yearn for me,
Kneel down in front of me and spread yourself wider,
Show me what you do when you have time to yourself,
The way you touch yourself,
Obey and lock your eyes in mine,
Take everything off while looking intensely at me,
Flaunt yourself,
Be more vocal with your desires,
Exaggerated moans and profane words,
Tell me the scene you’re playing out in your mind.

You watch me creep closer,
Wide-eyed and unable to conceal your delight,
Your legs part more as you wait with bated breath.
Only to watch me take a good long whiff,
Before pulling back away again,
Seeing the anticipation on your face,
Dissipate into disappointment,
Evokes a sort of sadistic pleasure in me.
The slight tremor in your lip as I breathe on it,
The only thing you’ll feel of mine today,
Until I have you tamed,
Watching you lose a bit more control over yourself,
I like the thrill of watching your mask crack.

From across the bed,
I’ve burned this image of you,
While you look on in quiet desperation,
You can leer all you want,
That’s about as much you can do tonight.
Shed away that good girl image you show everyone,
Answer me,
How often do you think about me?
Do my thoughts make your body tingle uncontrollably?
The lewd expression you can’t stop making,
Even though you continue to make love to yourself,
I can tell,
You’re having a hard time keeping your hands to yourself,
I enjoy seeing you try to restrain yourself like this.

Your wet and sloppy fingers keep disappearing out of sight,
And reappearing again,
Each time more moist than last,
From between the folds,
Tell me,
What is it that you’re imagining when you continue looking at me like that?
Though I’m unyielding and indifferent to your imploring gaze,
Tell me the scenarios that play on in your head,
You’ve still got all of my attention.

When you’ve crossed that line of no return,
Temptation becomes overwhelming,
And just like I expected,
You’ve given in to your carnal desires too.
So worked up,
I hear you call out my name,
Whispering timidly at first,
Gradually growing in decibel and urgency,
Before you firmly grasp my fingers,
We both knew from the very beginning,
That this was bound to happen eventually,
First, you give the middle and index a quick lick,
And then engulf them deep within you.
Pushing and pulling at my wrist,
It’s you who guides my lifeless hand rhythmically in tune to dance with your heart.

Succumbing to desire,
With your arched back,
And the dirty words you spew so well,
Frantically wetting them,
You’ve taken complete ownership of my fingers,
Like I have of you.
Bridging the gap between what you had,
And what you wanted,
Reaching that compensation with yourself,
You bring yourself to the apex of pleasure,
Frenzied waves of ecstacy rock your body.

Until you lay there exhausted,
Not yet fully satisfied,
But left all worn out,
Spread on my bed as I bend down and kiss your forehead,
While covering you with a blanket over your shoulders.
With a little smirk,
I can’t help but revel,
Inwardly satisfied at the fact that,
No matter how much I was dying to,
I tugged on the strings of your lust,
And strung you along to my whim,
Until I watched you come to a climax before my eyes,
Without as much as laying a finger willfully on you.

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