Midnight Strolls

I like nights like these,
When I’m walking under the starry skies with you,
The crescented moon illuminating these lonely streets,
And your fingers intertwined in mine,
It’s nights like these,
When I wish our paths are longer,
That our house doesn’t come until it’s dawn,
There’s a certain pleasure,
In just being able to walk hand-in-hand like this with you,
With light breeze running through your flowing hair,
We can wander by ourselves,
It’s all so silent and mystical.

The things you tell me,
And the conversations we have,
You lay bare your heart to me,
Confiding in me the way you don’t with anyone else,
And also laughing together,
There’s no pretence,
Only a feeling of gratefulness,
Immersed in the moment,
I like how our conversations flow so naturally,
A pleasant sincerity behind every word spoken,
When we can genuinely be ourselves around each other.

We sit on the wooden bench,
Gazing at the same stars together,
Infinite constellations and galaxies beyond,
The same night sky I was so accustomed to looking at by myself behind the bars of my window,
That same sky seems so liberating tonight,
So much more enjoyable,
When it’s with your head on my lap.

It’s as though everyone has gone to sleep,
And we have the whole world to ourselves,
Strolling through these familiar streets,
With a cone of softcream each from the neighborhood parlour,
Relishing the sweet taste,
That’s made all the more sweeter,
Off your cold and soft lips,
What makes me giddy tonight,
Is not liquor,
But just being with you,
It’s as though time is drunk with us too.

Hours keep flying by like minutes,
And our cheery voice is the only thing,
To perturb the peaceful neighborhood.
There’s no car on either side of the road,
As we walk together,
Under the streetlamps,
My hand around your shoulder,
Pulling you inside me,
The night grows darker,
As we walk about aimlessly,
On this windy and silent night,
Our silhouettes are the only thing visible for miles,
Glowing from the light above,
The two of us,
Walking over the median curb.

4 thoughts on “Midnight Strolls

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    1. Yes, I used to read Andrew (The Lonely Author) quite regularly before went on a study hiatus.
      Ever since coming back, I’ve been having a hard time keeping up with my favorite blogs though, I hope that’ll change soon.
      And I can see what you mean, I thought we have a lot of parallels in our works too. It’s more of a compliment to me than it is to him though so I’ll take it 😂.
      Thank you for your wonderful comment, Anna ❤️.

      Liked by 1 person

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