When nothing makes sense,
On days when it seems it’s not worth put up a fight,
That you’d much rather just give up and let everything go,
Once and for all,
The lump in your throat,
Refuses to go away,
And you feel detached from this world.

Through no fault of your own,
Despite giving it your all,
There are days when things still don’t work out,
I know it’s tough,
I know it feels as though the world around you is falling apart,
It’s as though everything is against you,
The world becomes a cold and harsh place.

There is no bright side,
Or so it seems then,
Your perception grows bleak,
When darkness becomes so intense,
That it becomes impossible to shake off,
It becomes hard to see,
You may feel as though you’re alone,
One against the world,
But I promise,
I’ll always be by your side,
Even if it may not seem like it,
I’ll always be here.

On days when it becomes too much to bear,
All you want to do is close your eyes and rest,
You can lay your head in my lap,
And cry your heart out,
I promise I won’t think you weak,
There’s only so long one can be strong for,
I’m sorry,
That the world has been cruel to you,
To see you suffer this way.
And even if I can’t understand your pain,
I want to hold you tight,
Just like this,
Until your eyes regain their lost colour,
And your lips smile again,
Until those wounds that are invisible to the eye,
Completely heal,
The gaping void of emptiness is filled,
And you feel whole again.

Not every day can be a happy one,
You know that better than anyone,
But it’s also equally true,
That not every moment is a sad one,
Time heals all wounds,
Is what they say,
Maybe it holds some truth to it,
Take a second to yourself,
And just breathe,
Take in a deep breath,
And let it all out,
Until you feel the tension leaving your tired soul,
Until your lungs feel like they’ll burst,
We all need a breather now and again.

Even if that day isn’t today,
I hope someday,
You’ll let me mend your spirit,
That you’ll lower your defence,
And let me be your sanctuary,
You’ll let me protect you,
From the demons inside your head,
The battles you fight in your lonely, little world,
You’ll let me hold you when you’re afraid,
And that you’ll let me be,
Your saviour.

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