Imposing Silhouette

Both hands pressed,
Against my chest,
Your palms leave their traces,
And your back arches,
Head thrown back,
Loud and delightful moans,
Come out your lips,
Bringing the small room alive,
You shine bright even in the darkness.

The firmness of your grasp,
And your body’s heat,
Resuscitate my soul,
The tips of your open, brown hair,
Brush against my skin,
Tickling me,
Invoking a pleasant sensation,
Made all the more special,
When I see your towering silhouette,
Your half-closed eyes on the ceiling,
And your curved form,
Over me,
It makes for a majestic sight.

Your slightest movements,
Send ripples of ecstacy,
Through my being.
Intertwined fingers of you and I,
To keep yourself steady,
While your hair flow gracefully,
The gradual shift in your weight,
Over me,
Feels so right,
You complete me,
I wish we could stay,
This way,

Your lips,
Find me in the darkness,
Fit me perfectly,
As we’re moulded into one,
Cloaked under the veil of darkness,
With nothing in between,
Just us.
Your panting grows in urgency,
Out of breath,
The din you make,
And the loudness of your exclamations,
Disturbs the silent neighborhood.

You fall over me,
On my chest,
Holding me weakly,
Kissing me again,
So much more softer this time,
Tender touches,
Transitioned from rough ones just a moment ago,
But with the same love,
The same passion remained.

As you lay in my arms,
Catching your breath,
And snuggling into me,
With closed eyes,
I kiss your forehead,
Before you close your eyes,
And fall asleep,
With that smile,
Never leaving your lips.

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