A Pleasant Day

Do you ever have one of those days,
When you feel good for no real reason?
In rare moments like these,
From when I opened my eyes,
Everything around feels pleasant,
Clear skies and chirpy birds,
World is wrapped by cozy rays of the bright sun,
And that greyness I’d been so familiar with,
Remains vanquished on this tranquil day.

Good vibes all around,
Unusual enthusiasm,
I jumped out of bed with a spring in my step,
Rather than dawdle like I usually do,
The world seems different somehow,
Much more cheerful,
And a lot less dark,
The fog seems to have lifted,
Even if just for a bit,
It’s been a while,
Since I could see this clearly.

Spring paints the world,
A beautiful green,
Blooming flowers,
In every corner,
And a clear weather,
I was so sick,
Of that accursed downpour,
Which made me feel gloomy,
Washing out my happiness,
I almost forgot,
Just how refreshing it felt,
To sit under the open skies,
And forget about my worries for a while,
Watching the beautiful nature around me,
The jaw dropping scenery.
To just live in the present,
Rather than dwell in the past,
Or be overwhelmed by the future.

I’ve walked down the same path,
The same alley in the same neighborhood,
Almost every single day,
But it never felt so homely,
Nor did I feel this upbeat,
Skipping to the tune,
Not used to seeing myself this way,
It feels like I can’t put a step wrong,
I intend to milk this moment,
Make the most of it and savor it all.
Who knows when the dark clouds will gather around again?

Being this happy though,
And not having anyone to share it with,
Brings back the realisation,
That no matter what happens,
I’ll still not be able to entirely escape,
The clutches of these shadows,
I’m constantly reminded,
Of my intense loneliness,
If I promise not to bore you with my plight,
Will you share my joy with me?
If you can’t acknowledge my tears,
Will you at least,
Please take notice of my smile?

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