You seem to be struggling lately,
The furrows deep in your brow,
And withered up skin,
Is quite telling in itself.
I’ve been watching you for quite some time now,
But there’s something different about you.
You’ve changed,
In more ways than one,
Become so disturbingly silent,
And unaware,
You wander around mindlessly,
It’s gotten to a point where I barely recognize you anymore.

Your eyes seem heavy,
Always lost in deep thought,
The sparkle which they always had,
Seems to have disappeared,
They look so clueless and forlorn.
And I know,
That you’ve silently distanced away from everyone,
Pushing them away,
But certainly.
Even when I know,
Just how much you dread loneliness.
Was the mask so overwhelming?
Are things really that hard?

Spare a moment,
And talk to me about it for a second.
About the things you don’t open up to anyone about,
I can hear your silent cries for help,
If you just trust me,
I can’t see you like this anymore,
Your eyes are so lost,
They search frantically for something to hold on to,
A salvation which never comes.
I can tell you’re lonely,
Not that I’d leave you anyway,
But please don’t try to push me away too.

We’ve always shared the same breath since forever,
And I thought there wasn’t anyone,
Whom I knew better than I know you.
Then why does it feel so different lately?
I feel your hand,
Slowly slip away from mine,
The grip you used to hold me with,
It’s obviously loosened now.
Since when did you become so nervous to confide in me?

Your voice,
Is almost like a passing whisper now,
And your shadow,
Drifts further away no matter how hard I try to catch it.
I want to comfort you,
To see eye-to-eye like we did in the past,
But the connection we shared,
It keeps growing weaker,
And my feeble attempts don’t seem to work.

The tears which flow down your eyes,
I hope you know it’s temporary,
Bad times are always ephemeral,
It’s okay to shed a few tears,
But what’s not okay,
Is to be defeated,
Or to give up,
I know you,
Better than anyone else does,
And I know,
You’re capable of so much more than you give yourself credit for.

You’ve been way too hard on yourself,
To the point when it became an unhealthy obsession,
You started loathing your reflection,
And everything around you,
You beat yourself,
Over flaws no one else sees,
It’s one thing to be demanding,
But it’s such a shame,
To see you loathe your own self,
This vicious cycle,
Has left you so blinded,
By your own hatred,
It’s left you unable to see the good things,
That others know you have.

I can’t watch you suffering this way any longer,
Maybe it’s time,
That you pick yourself up,
Like I know you can,
I know life is unfair,
It’s always been that way,
But complaining about it,
Will get you nowhere.
Rather than stay in the same spot,
Wouldn’t you rather dust yourself off,
And write a new chapter?
You start with conviction,
And someday,
Rather than be lost in the sands of time,
Without any trace,
The two of us
Leave behind a lasting legacy,
The way we’ve always wanted.

14 thoughts on “Legacy

Add yours

    1. I’ve kinda been juggling between work and football at present haha. So that leaves me with very less spare time to write, unfortunately.
      But now I’m gonna try and revive my blog for as long as I possibly can since I really did miss writing haha.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Dang! that’s not good to hear that someone was in that state, someone you know so closely… Hope they are doing alright now! I am doing ok. Got back to blogging after quite a while. Finding peace here for now.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. I actually meant this piece to be somewhat of a personal letter to myself. But it can be interpreted differently too.
      You’re definitely right. Pulling yourself together is something that’s way easier said than done.
      Thank you for reading ❤️


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