Broken Promise

It started off innocently enough,
You led me away from the prying eyes,
Through the camouflaging darkness of your room,
Leaving behind the loud party,
For the comfort of your bed,
We were two strangers,
Drawn to each other by an inexplicable attraction,
Caught in heat,
The promise we made,
We both said it wouldn’t last,
That we’re only going to hook-up,
Just the one time,
That was the plan,
One that we should have stuck to,

But as the night grew darker,
And I started familiarising myself to you,
I know I should have left,
But your offer of spending the night,
It became too tempting,
Your persuasiveness began to muffle my reasoning,
As did your lips, my little resistance,
You said you were concerned how late it was,
And that I shouldn’t drive home alone at this hour,
Are you usually this worried about everyone you meet,
Or was this the first sign that our promise was being forgotten?

I knew,
In my heart of hearts,
I should have left,
So why is it that your words made me stay?
We barely knew each other back then,
But your embrace felt homely,
The long talks that followed,
The type of talks people need several more dates to get to,
I found myself connecting to you,
In ways neither of us intended,
You tell me you’re in the city for only a few more days,
That you were in town on a holiday,
Time kept flying by,
The night passed,
Whirred by in a blur of conversations and more kisses,
At the end of which I lay in your arms,
Lost in a deep and comfortable slumber,
A type of sleep I hadn’t experienced in so long,
After what felt like an eternity,
I got rid of that harrowing loneliness,

The subsequent days that followed,
When we should have been back to being strangers,
I instead ended up seeing more and more of you,
Under the pretense of showing you the city,
The afternoons passed with us walking around town, your hands in mine,
Getting closer with every meal together,
Before I realized, your smile became transfixed in my mind,
And my nights became intertwined with yours,
We ended each day together,
Something we’d agreed against,

Maybe it was for a reason,
Maybe I was wrong to have grown so fond of you,
Because now that you aren’t here anymore,
Now that I’m lonely again,
I feel worse than I did before I knew you,
At least then, I didn’t have these memories of us,
Before you wrapped me in your warmth,
I could fool myself,
I could pretend there’s no cure for my loneliness,
Now that I know you are the elusive remedy I can’t get my hands on,
It makes life so much more difficult,
I only have the image of you waving goodbye for the last time to hold on to,
I hope I meant to you what you meant to me,
Even if for a short while,
You made me feel complete,
I’ll never really know if our decision of breaking that forgotten promise was a good one,
But it helped me answer what I’ve often wondered,
As it turns out,
Unfortunately for me,
Melancholy feels worse than emptiness.

14 thoughts on “Broken Promise

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      1. It did start off that way. Now though, I have no choice but to make my peace with it since she moved back to where she came from.
        I subtly floated in the idea of us to her but she didn’t seem too into it, you know? And since we both said it wasn’t to mean anything, I didn’t want to impose myself too strongly 😪.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I don’t know how to respond to this. All i would say is all of us have been there done that at some point in life. You definitely have something better in store 🙂 on the same note does she read your blog?


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