In my thirst,
Of you,
It takes over me completely,
Seeing you,
In front of me,
Wearing what you’re wearing,
You know it drives me crazy,
This temptation for yourself,
You build it up so masterfully,
I know it gives you a thrill,
Watching me fall for you like this,
A bit more,
With each idle second.

If seduction were an art,
You’d be Sylvia Sleigh,
Exposed shoulder,
Making your collarbone glisten under the faint light,
The slit that runs up,
Revealing most part of your thigh,
The deep cleft that keeps drawing my attention.

Your haughty eyes,
Keep gauging me,
And your slightly parted lips,
Smile back so enticingly,
Daring me to make the first move,
Stirring up a storm within me,
Igniting a familiar flame,
In my heart,
That burns bright,
Just for you.

The faintest of touches from you,
Brew that tempest,
And fan the flames,
A fire that threatens to incinerate me,
You tease me more,
Pressing in me,
Caressing my chest with your cool palm,
That twisted snicker and wicked glind,
Never once leaving your face.

You unbutton my shirt,
And brush it off my shoulders,
Your breath tickles past my face,
Making my hair stand on end,
I despise how little control I have on myself,
And how you have tamed me,
Just the way you wanted,
Your sadistic smile keeps reminding me,
Just how powerless you’ve rendered me.
I follow you to your room,
Watching you lie down,
One leg brushing up against the other,
More of the satin gives way,
Giving me a better glimpse of you.

Inflamed desire kept pulling me closer to you,
Your lips reach out,
And I feel your fingers,
Against my cheek,
Your kisses keep getting better,
Melting my heart,
Making it hard and giddy.
After being embraced by you,
Your soft skin rubs against mine,
The sweet taste you spoiled me with,
My addiction,
A sip doesn’t suffice.

But just when I pulled you closer,
Overcome with desperation,
When I was just getting started,
Just like a switch,
Your warped mind,
And cruel thrills,
They turn on me,
After one last, intense kiss,
You push me away lightly,
Give me one final look,
That smirk continues to taunt me,
Say you’re not in the mood,
And then just like that,
Pull the blanket over your shoulders,
Roll over with your back to my face,
And then fall asleep,
Leaving me stare at you in bewilderment,
You’ve already dozed off,
While I lay helpless,
Unable to do anything but be restless,
And satiate myself by just looking at you for the rest of the night.

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