A New Chapter

The path ahead that is shrouded in darkness,
Bent branches and bushy forages obstruct my view,
An air of uncertainty draped by the winds,
The road ahead stretches into the horizon,
Unclear as ever,
It splits into a multitude of alleys,
Which will take me the furthest?
What path is most accommodating?
All leading to destinations unknown,
With nothing to choose between them,
Taking a gamble is the best way to explain this ordeal,
The consequence of choosing the wrong path could be adverse,
I could only gauge them from a distance,
No retakes,
Nor any second chances,
I stand at the mouth of this junction,
One that threatens to devour me,
Stuck in a multitude of dilemmas.

After having trudged on this far,
All my effort has brought me to this point,
The road that I once deemed too prickly,
That road that I left behind,
On hindsight, seems to have had been much more comfortable,
Is it my illusion?
Time keeps ticking down,
Urging me to leave square one,
Rushing me into a decision,
One that will stick,
To a point where there’s no looking back,
I weigh my options,
On this road where I stand alone,
Without any guidance,
For all I can tell, I probably am already lost,
I’m forced into the imposing shadows,
A little bit afraid,
Because when I look up,
It’s only me,
Deserted by the world.

Despite these reservations,
In my heart of hearts,
I have a strange conviction,
A belief,
That no matter what road I choose,
I will remain unscathed,
A reassuring heart that contradicts my faltering footsteps,
I’ve never had anyone to guide me anyway,
Loneliness is something I should be accustomed to by now,
And maybe if I change my outlook,
Maybe if I wield it as a strength,
I will still be okay,
Even if I do pick the wrong path,
I know I still have what it takes,
To make that path the right one.
I’ll find my own way like I’ve always done,
This belief sparks my soul,
And makes my first steps that much lighter.

I start with nothing but a strange sort of rage,
A burning flame within me that quickly grows into an inferno,
Determined to not have my footsteps erased,
I know,
Just like everything else,
I will weather this storm too,
I will come out on top,
Even if without any aid,
Even if I have to do it all by myself,
That further fans the flames I’ve let drive me,
I won’t succumb,
No matter how daunted I am,
I will write my own script,
Even if it kills me,
I will leave my mark,
Footprints that, someone who was as lost as I am,
Might spot them in a future, near or distant,
And choose to walk alongside them,
I want to leave behind a luxury I haven’t had.

Maybe it’s just to prove everyone wrong,
With a resolute resolve,
Unwavering and persistent,
Tired of constantly being looked down on,
Feeling dwarfed by everyone else,
I felt I never could add up to them,
Condescending stares and scoffs that made me loathe myself,
Until I could take it no more.
I want to be proud of myself,
Doubts and chants of skepticism are now fuel,
All the more reason I’ll pick myself up,
I will make my own way if I have to,
And even if I get off to a rocky start,
Of one thing, I’m certain,
That when the dust will finally settle,
I will still be standing,
At the end of this new chapter,
I will prevail,
Not perish.

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