Since the day I first saw you,
I knew,
It would always be you,
It was fate,
From the first glance so many years ago,
I still remember just how mesmerised I was,
Because even after so much time has passed,
I still feel the same way,
The same butterflies,
And my breath stops for a second,
Just like it used to,
The familiar way my heart skips a beat,
And I know,
My feelings for you won’t ever err,

On a day meant for reflection,
I want to make sure you realise,
How important you are to me,
I hope you understand,
Just how much you mean to me,
Empty words,
I know you’ve heard them before,
But tonight,
My sincere heart wants to lay itself bare,
Perhaps it isn’t often,
That I show my appreciation,
And maybe,
I ought to be more open with how I really feel,

You’ve known me all this while,
It’s one of the weaknesses I have,
One flaw out of many you know so well,
I have a hard time expressing myself,
To be truthful and genuine,
I’ve been this way,
Making light of something serious,
Having a serious conversation is difficult,
Because I always fear the worst,
I’d been conditioned to resent confrontation,
Until you made me realize,
Helped me pull myself together,
Running away, cowering and avoiding the problem yields nothing,
And made me see just how important dialog and communication is,

You were the one who changed my perception on love,
Teaching me patiently what it truly meant to care about someone,
That it isn’t all rainbows and sunshine,
You’ve always been there,
When I’ve been negligent,
You still stood there,
Holding an umbrella when it poured,
And your warm hands kept me comfortable as it snows,
Love doesn’t necessarily have to be flashy,
It is often encapsulated in the simplest of things,
Little gestures,
Like how you stay up,
Eager to hear about my day,
Even though you’re exhausted,
After having completed your shift a couple of hours before I even reach home,
As time went on,
Your selflessness started rubbing off on me,
And for the first time,
Getting rid of my selfish ways,
I learned to prioritize someone else over me,
Much to my own amazement,
I started to enjoy taking care of you,

True love takes work,
As you’ve shown me,
But it came as a surprise,
To find out how rewarding it feels,
You’d forgotten to tell me,
The efforts pay itself back several folds,
I look forward to catch even a glimpse of you,
Wherever I am,
You’re the only thing that plays out in my mind,
Whether willingly or unwillingly,
It startles me to see how much you’ve changed me,
It is in adversity,
When the true bond of love is tested,
And these times,
However painful they may be,
Always ended up bringing us closer,
Which made your realistic interpretation of love,
Seem so much better than the idealized, empty version that I’d known all my life,

Though we’ve had our shares of squabbles,
Misunderstandings that turned into heated discussions,
Escalating into arguments,
There were times,
When we let anger take control of us,
And mistakes were made,
Perhaps looking back on it now,
Maybe the days we didn’t talk to each other,
Were actually a blessing in disguise,
For they always served as a harsh reminder,
A realisation,
Of just how incomplete and quiet our lives would be without the other,

On this special day,
Looking back on the path we walked together,
I think it’s obvious,
To see how much we’ve matured,
Understanding one another a bit better,
And knowing how to deal with the other’s moodswing,
And though we’re still imperfect,
We have plenty of room for improvement,
And I wouldn’t have it any other way,
While we look ahead,
The road left is longer than the one we’ve travelled so far,
And I intend to cherish each step of the way,
Because if ever there was a person I would want to share my journey with,
Since the day I first saw you,
I knew,
It has always been you.

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