The fragrant smell of the scented candles filled the room,
Curtains drawn end-to-end,
Veiling us in secrecy,
Words she whispered so softly in my ear,
Whilst her fingers danced over my chest,
Tenderly making their way downwards,
She seized my attentive heart,
While looking straight in my drowsy eyes,
Pulling on its strings,
After blowing ever so slightly in my ear,
I felt her teeth bite my lobe,
Her tongue softly probed the insides,
In sync with her hand that moved rhythmically,
She watched me throw my head back, eyes closed,
Lost in pleasure,
She knew just what she was doing,

Following me down as my back hit the mattress,
She towered above me,
Wrapped in that silk blanket,
Holding it to her chest,
An imposing figure,
Such a magnificent sight,
She leaned into me,
Starting off on my lips,
She stayed there for a good while,
And gradually worked her way down,
Sweat dripped off her,
Like cooling balm,
It fell on my skin,
Indistinguishable from her saliva,
Mixing in one,
Her tongue lapped it all up in a swift, swirling motion,
Ravenous eyes gauging me all the way,
She worked off my reaction,
Knowing when to be fierce,
And when to be gentle,

She waited for me to get a hold of myself,
And that’s when I felt her tongue tickle the insides of my ear again,
Taking hold of my hands,
Pulling them over her navel,
And pressed firmly against her body,
Fitting perfectly in my palms,
The softness of her skin made my fingers playful,
Its sweet taste leaving behind a desire for more,
Held in the grips of her embrace,
Between either side,
So tight, it leaves me gasping,
No sooner than I take in a deep breath,
That I find her fingers in my hair,
Pushing me down once again,
All the way, this time,

Until her face is hidden,
The sound of her moans intensify but muffled,
Drowned out by her legs tightening around my shoulders,
Trimmed tips of her hair brush by so close,
Tickling me,
And her eyes roll shut,
A divine fragrance she exudes,
So distinct,
It pulls me toward her,
Gushing lips that greet me,
Each flick of my tongue unleashes a flurry of flavour,
One I can’t get enough of,
Leaving my fingers drenched,
She pulls me up to kiss her again,

Clambering over me,
Her hands lock themselves behind my back,
And her nails dig deep in my skin,
Eyes, which are in a daze,
Continue to peer, half-closed, into mine,
A messy strand of hair sways by her brow,
Matching her movement,
So immersed in the moment,
She brushes it aside with a toss of her head,
Before breaking into a kiss,
One that lasts for a couple of minutes,
Until she buries her face over my shoulder,
After a long, satisfied sigh,
Giving me another kiss,
A very short one this time,
Light peck,
She flashes me a sweet, weary smile,
Pushing me away lightly,
And immediately sinking back over the mattress,
I feel her take my hands,
Slip them around her waist,
She cuddled into me,
After which we fall asleep.

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