Summer Heat

A distinct, mild scent floats in the room,
Unmistakably familiar,
The raw fragrance you exude,
As soon as you walk in the room,
Covered in sweat,
From head to toe,
Patches that show so visibly,
Rendering your clothes translucent,
On a hot, summer day in mid-June,
When you’ve been working out for more than an hour,
Just a small glance at you,
And I can already tell the difference,

Drops of perspiration drip silently down your skin,
While you drink straight out of the bottle to quench your thirst,
Just the sight of you guzzling down water so thirstily,
It’s beautiful,
Sighing heavily,
Partly in exhaustion,
And part relief,
The brief second you close your eyes,
Catching your breath,
It stole mine away,
As you wiped sweat off your brow with the back of your hand,

Adorned by hundreds of beads of sweat,
The glisten of which is only enhanced,
By the sunlight pouring through the parted curtains,
It reflects on the thousand mirrors spread all over your body,
Calling out to me,
As do your pheromones that infiltrated my nose and spread over my heart,
Every part of you,
It’s coated in a unique, heavenly serum,
The only fix for my parched lips,
Don’t leave just yet,

There’s no rush,
Rather than jump in a shower right away,
Stay a bit,
Maybe let me help clean you a bit?
Put aside that cold bottle of water,
I have something better in mind,
Look me in the eyes,
And let me help you relax,
Ease your muscles as I massage your shoulders,
Caressing every bit of you,
While you continue looking me dead in the eye,

After what seemed like an eternity,
Taking the first step,
I flinch just a bit,
As you close the distance between us,
In an effort to make lips meet,
They remain cool and moist,
Pressed firmly against mine,
Growing more intense,
Your palms that you’ve gripped me with,
Make me feel hotter,
And more eager,
That is reciprocated with ferocity on your end,
Pulling me in over you,
And across the couch where you lie below me,

The wetness of your sweat over your clothes,
Is quickly replaced with a different sort of wetness,
And you continue to eye me intently,
Watching me while my fingers trace you,
The depths you lead me to,
And the evident excitement in your moans,
Give me purpose,
And your palm,
My expectations keep growing,
In your clutches,
Your fingertips play with me,

With your hand raised over your head,
Arched behind your back,
You bury your head on the other shoulder,
Trying to stifle your delight in my tongue that tickles you,
The overwhelming scent entices me,
I don’t want to rush,
It’d be a waste,
If I didn’t give due attention to every part of you,
No matter how embarrassing or gross you may perceive it as,
If you’d let me,
I want to love every part of you,

The saltiness of your skin,
Leaves me unfulfilled,
Always desiring more,
Even after I’ve cleaned you up,
My tongue still yearns for more,
Hooked on your salinity,
Even after licking you clean,
This thirst for you can’t be satiated,
Silenced for a bit,
But it always comes back with a vengeance,
Seeking you out over and over,
A routine I can’t tire of.

Still on the couch,
Collapsed in a heap beside me,
Your sticky body continues to cling to mine,
And your heavy, raw breaths still fall over me,
Staying this way for a good while,
Once you’ve regained your strength, 
You lead me into the shower with you,
But this time,
Contrary to what I’d done,
You’ll lick me dry instead,
Your mind is already made up,
And rather than the other way around,
I feel so filthy,
So dirty,
In my desire for you,
Embrace and caress me,
And maybe this time,
It’s your turn to clean me?

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