You crawl on all fours,
Making your way across the room,
No footsteps,
Full of grace and almost glidingly,
The red flokati carpet tickles your palms and knees,
From one end of the room to the other,
In just those fishnets which reveal everything to me,
You come closer to where I’m sitting,
With a finger on your chin,
I make you look up to me.

You push your hair aside,
Watch me with bated breath as I tie a collar around your neck,
Passing a leash through,
And making you mine,
That’s the only accessory I want on you tonight,
I wrap it around the palm of my hand,
Grip your hair until you whimper in sweet pleasure,
Pull you in closer,
And your obedient lips,
They cover every inch.

Your bruised knees,
It’s the first of many,
Didn’t you tell me you’re addicted to pain?
Do you like me holding you down this way,
Until you’re blue and short on breath?
The night is only just beginning,
Whether you want to go through with this,
Or back out,
Whatever you decide,
Your passionate lips divulge everything I need to know anyway,
That thirst you have for me,
Quench it all,
One sip isn’t enough.

With every tug of the leash,
You follow me around,
Through this vast house,
Past the corridor and over the stairs,
Still on all-fours until we reach the bedroom,
There is ardent ferocity in your purrs,
An enthusiastic playfulness as you push me over,
Your Instincts take over as I kiss you slowly,
Grabbing the rope on the dresser,
I bind your hands together as you gasp sharply in surprise,
Is this rough enough?
The hate I feel for the world,
I intend to take it out on your body by loving you as intensely,
I want to tame you completely,
Have you domesticated and obedient only to me.

The glint in your eye tells me you’re enjoying yourself a bit too much,
Even when you roar in pain as my palm crashes in your skin,
The look of unshakeable pleasure remains ever-present,
Your unwavering threshold for pain,
And my persistent desire to make you mine,
They only fuel each other.
Your skin glows a bright red,
And your lips are twisted in a crooked smile,
While your eyes look at me almost beseechingly,
Pleading and daring me to not stop,
Your quivering body begs to be made mine.

I tighten a satin blindfold over your eyes,
Leaving you in the dark,
And on tenterhooks,
Your anticipative breath and excited trembles,
It makes me want to toy with you more.
My cool tongue is greeted by your burning hot skin,
The way it soothes your sore body,
It’s evident in the way your body arches over,
You force yourself down more,
Pushing me deeper,
Exclaiming in an incoherent mess,
Like what you’re reduced to.

The tip of my fingers have already familiarized themselves with your bare skin,
They flick, pinch & tease,
Until you writhe in ecstasy,
Not knowing where you’d feel them next,
Just that suspense is enough to keep you on edge.
The intense silence,
And that wait of frustration,
Finally gives way to a moan of relief,
My fingers drip drenched,
And the sheets remain soaked.

I whisper in your ear,
And undo the knot,
Letting the blindfold drop,
I want you to watch me make my way inside,
I wouldn’t want to miss that look of impatience,
As I knock on the doors and tease you,
The way it changes to one of bliss and pure satisfaction,
Your eyes roll back and close in pleasure,
When you accommodate me,
It’s a sight I don’t want to be deprived of.

The little, brief kisses we exchange,
They become deeper and more passionate as you raise your bound hands,
Pass them over my shoulders,
And trap me inside,
Pressing tightly and not letting go.
I pull on your leash,
Choking you just the way you like,
You’re such a good girl.
The sinful nights I have with you,
They became my guilty-pleasure,
And your soft, wet skin, my favourite snack,
It welcomes my every touch,
From the firm blows,
To the gentle head pats you love just as much,
Your body soaks it all up,
It was made for me,
Just the way my hands were made to fit you perfectly.

As I take off the collar,
And untie that firm knot,
You fall straight in my arms,
Weary, but happy,
That smile never once leaving your pretty, little face,
You press your lips against mine again,
Before I tuck you in,
Pull the blanket over your shoulder,
Kiss your forehead and stroke your hair,
And sink in right beside you,
Feeling your pulse soothes me,
And hearing you breathe calms me down.
I like holding you through the night,
Spoiling you with innumerable kisses,
Just the way it should be.

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