With You

The glow of the night lamp,
It shines bright on your pretty, little face,
Making you look so radiant,
This sight that I see every night,
But can never get enough of,
When the two of us end our day,
Just you being next to me,
It makes me feel comfortable,
Your presence evokes a special kind of warmth,
Hearing you talk about your day makes mine so much better,
To see you smile,
And hear you laugh,
It’s a voice I can’t ever tire of.

You’ve changed my lonely nights,
Made them feel special and so homely,
The same strikes of the clock I used to dread,
Now I would be happier if time were to stop,
Trapping us in this moment,
Instead of empty conversations with strangers,
I’d want to remain in comfortable silence with you.

We can change every sorrow into smiles,
If I just have you,
That’s all I’ll ever need,
You’ve been the best decision I’ve taken,
And the one reason pain has been worth it,
You took away my gloomy nights,
And turned them into something much more fulfilling,
It took me time to realize,
But you’re the silver lining to my dark cloud that is life,
I wouldn’t know what to do without you.

Every minute that we spend together,
It’s so precious to me,
Whether we have deep talks,
Or play video games,
We could just sit in silence and eat,
And I wouldn’t have it any other way.
It’s during fleeting instances like these,
When I truly understand what happiness means,
Simply being with you,
It makes me feel alright.
These small, seemingly meaningless moments,
It is the depth of true love,
And the coziness it brings with itself.

I find myself worrying less,
Life seems so much more pleasant,
When shared with someone like you,
This unfamiliar impulse,
Which I feel towards you,
Is it dependence?
Am I being weak?
If I promise to stay by you forever,
Will you hold my hand too,
And not let go?

There’s no one else’s company I’d rather seek,
I never imagined I could be this happy,
But, then again,
I couldn’t have fathomed anyone as perfect as you either.
What I once thought would continue to elude me,
It’s snuck up on me way eventually,
I don’t know what changed,
But everything seems to allude to you.

I’m fascinated by the depth in your clear eyes,
Your amusing tales, they keep me enthralled,
Tell me more,
I want an excuse to continue being awake with you like this,
Your fingers play with my hair as I lay in your lap,
Stroking it gently as look up at you sleepily,
Your beautiful face,
It makes for such a dreamy sight,
One that’s been inscribed in my mind,
I know I won’t ever be able to shake you off.

When I wrap you in my arms,
Hold you close and bury my face in your hair,
That’s when I feel complete,
When it’s late,
And we’re the only ones up,
I’m always eager to hear your stories,
Whatever’s on your mind,
For you,
I’m always all-ears.
In the past,
It was anxiety that kept me up,
But now,
It’s the intense longing to spend as much time with you as I can.

The night grows deeper,
And the room, darker,
I can tell that you’re tired,
Let’s call it a day.
I reach out behind me,
Dial down the night lamp,
As you sink in beside me,
You let out a yawn after I tuck you in.
We climb under the same blanket,
And snuggle into each other,
It is actually your sole presence,
Which keeps my nights so much warmer.

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