Your deep, brown eyes stare me down,
Sitting on my lap,
I feel your bare skin against my jeans,
Pressed into my body,
Your hand is around my shoulder,
And the other caresses my cheek,
Parted lips that entice me,
And an expectant look that implores me,
I feel your cool sighs as you breathe into me,
The way your tongue flicks,
And your lips fill mine,
There is a deep yearning behind your kisses.

My fingers trace your thigh,
Stroking and feeling them,
Gently making their way up,
Until you moan excitedly in my ear.
Your bare skin greets my every touch,
I can tell how much you’ve been anticipating me,
The way your drowsy eyes close by themselves,
And the desire in your voice,
It tells me everything,
The growing excitement as I play with you,
Stroking in a slow, circular motion,
You wait with bated breath.

The look of annoyance when I pause for a second,
Retract my fingers and bring it up to your mouth,
A mix of lust and impatience
I find it so endearing,
Won’t you wet them for me?
Wrap your mouth around it,
And swirl your tongue,
Taste yourself,
See what the fuss is about,
And why everyone craves so endlessly for you.

Once you’ve wetted them enough,
I slide in the index seamlessly,
Your body welcomes me earnestly,
And prying open one set of lips,
Begets an ecstatic moan out of the other,
Starting off slow and gentle,
Your little gasps as you get used to my touch,
What do you want me to do next?
Whisper in my ear,
Tell me how you like that,
Purr for me and hold me tighter.

My fingers keep finding their way in you,
The warmth of your skin rubs off on them,
Masking them in your musk,
They reappear, more soaked than before,
Your eyes burn passionately,
Biting your lower lip,
With incomprehensible sentences and broken words,
You beg for more,
Pleading me to not stop,
That desperation is reflected in the way your nails dig deep into my back,
And your earnest desires,
In the way your heavy breath sprays my neck.

Every so often,
I retract my hand,
Bring it to the tip of my tongue,
And as you continue eyeing me intently,
Take a whiff of your intoxicating pheromones,
Savour your sweetness,
And lap it all down in a gulp,
To the look of coy embarrassment on your face,
What are you shy about?
I love every bit of you,
My thirst for you,
This is the only way it can be quenched.

Past the wet flesh,
Drowning in your lips,
And into the intricate folds,
My fingers find their way to your heart again,
More aggressively,
And with increased pace,
Just the way you wanted.
The grip you have on me tightens,
And you muffle up your moans with my lips,
Until all I hear is a whimper,
It’s difficult for you to stay still,
Your trembling body,
It spasms in pleasure,
While little drops drip down on the rug below.

On tenterhooks,
You yearn for more,
Poising yourself steadily on me,
Your hands link up behind my back,
And that final moan,
You kiss me with half-closed eyes,
The kiss of gratitude,
Squirming in ecstacy,
And writhing in euphoria.

Your deep, brown eyes stare me down,
Sitting on my lap,
When you collapse in my arms,
They follow me as I lick the wetness off my fingers,
Then you grip the back of my head,
Pull my hair and kiss me violently,
Tasting yourself off the tip of my tongue,
Before breaking into a smile.
You nuzzle into me,
Pecking my lips again,
And once you get up,
The stains you left on my jeans become clear,
My favourite pair of jeans,
Reduced to this beautiful mess,
Left by your sweet, bare skin,
Another reason to remember you by.

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