The Infl-you-ence

You fill my parted lips,
Pry them open with your soft tongue,
Slipping a split pill,
You push it deep inside and leer at me with earnest, spaced out eyes,
The X kicks in as you begin to slip out of your dress,
The body that you flaunt,
It takes all my focus and everything else becomes a blur,
Until it’s as faded as I’ve become,
Something inside me stirs with even the slightest embrace of your hands.

As though time has stopped for us,
A new world we’ve ventured into,
Where there’s a burst of colour in every one of your touches,
And vibrancy even in the hushest of your whispers,
My slowed down pulse,
It reacts to your skin’s heightened receptivity,
Even your moans have taste in this wild night,
When the room starts to spin,
Your body is all the support I need,
It breaks my fall and takes me on a special trip,
Your delicate finger poised on my throat,
The giddy sensation as your lips spill lean straight into my gaping mouth,
It’s what keeps me from passing out.

Your skin brings my fantasies to life,
Checks off all vices and pulls me into temptation within.
Trails of white powder that adorn your navel,
Diluted by the last drops spilt,
You became the guilty pleasure I always succumb to,
In love with how you moan as I snort a line,
The ecstatic smile I can’t get enough of as your back arches in pleasure,
You’ve always liked the way it tickles, haven’t you?

Lend me your hand and bring me closer with your fingers,
Each flick of your tongue,
It rolls the Molly around and mouths out your hidden desires.
Overdosing is a lost concept,
Your soft skin,
Made so much smoother by the influence,
I crave more with each lick,
My tongue runs circles over as your taste takes over,
The sticky, run-down liquor,
I soak it in while you take a puff of the blunt.

Your warmth gradually takes me in,
Muffling my jaded mind with comforting affection,
Accommodating my hardened heart.
Unconfined by sobriety and lost in the moment,
A limitless dimension we’ve made for ourselves,
Let loose and guided by our lewd, primal instincts.
As drowsy and dizzy as I get,
Your stubborn lips take me to a newer high still,
Fade away the pain and stimulate intense pleasures I didn’t know were possible.

Your wet kisses keep me awake,
We’re in each other’s arms,
Content and happy,
Your laugh echoes in my ear as I pass out in your lap,
And you, over me.
Long, tipsy and vulgar nights spent in overindulgence, 
Our little escape from normalcy.
When the LSD begins to fade,
This filthy state we’re in,
I wouldn’t have it any other way,
Because those empty bottles on the counter,
And torn wrappers lying on the floor,
They’re all meaningless if I don’t have your taste to wash it down with.

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