A Halloween Tale #3

The black lipstick she’s put on,
Its dark shade smeared messily,
It trickles down one side,
Meeting the painted stitches and scars,
It makes her look dangerous,
This macabre night reeks of an exciting aura.
Bloodshot eyes and heavy mascara that runs down her cheek,
Her skin, so pale,
And her touches, eerily cold.

She bares her teeth after kissing me twice,
Shaped like fangs,
Glistening in the dark night,
She takes a deep whiff before sinking them into my neck,
Clad in a revealing black and red,
It fit her tight and is lacerated all over,
The tears at the seam come undone as she overpowers me,
Discarding the thin veil.
The skillful queen of an exceptionally wild night,
She snuck me away from the other creatures plundering and raiding the block,
Claiming me for herself,
She smacked her lips together as she pulled me in an empty room overlooking nothing but an old oak infested by a swarm of bats,
That should have been a premonition.
Her deadly eyes gleamed under the pallid light of the red moon.

She tricks me with her sweet lies,
And then treats me with sweeter lips,
Secretly satiating her bloodlust,
She teases me by leaning in and taking a sip,
Before pulling away, out of touch again.
Her brief, cold and unyielding touches get a rise out of me,
Sending chills down my spine,
But heating me up at the same time,
Leaving pleasant wounds in her wake,
Breaking my spirit down bit by bit and giving me more reasons to give in.

She reigns supreme in this dark room,
Choosing to toy with me,
And making me her victim by redirecting the flow of my blood at will,
She sucks it all up,
And watches me succumb to her sinful lips.
Biting and tearing at my flesh,
Marking me with her vicious teeth,
Her moans tell me just how much she’s enjoying herself.

And once she’s left me completely drained,
Powerless, weak and at her mercy,
That’s when she takes pity on me,
Her fingers stroke my hair affectionately,
Coaxing me to sleep as she gently serenades me,
Is she always this gentle on her prey?
I lose myself in her comfortable embrace,
Falling for the beautiful visitor from beyond the grave,
And a guest of this sombre night,
She has me persuaded with her touch,
And enslaved by her promises,
My morbid vampire that will love me forever.

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