A Lonely Weekend

In a familiar neighbourhood,On another lonely weekend,I find myself standing outside your door again,It's hard to remember how I ended up here.Of all the places,I keep being drawn to you.Maybe I drank too much again,All I know is,My attempts to block you out,Only brought me closer to you again. Hesitatingly,I ring that bell,Unsure of what... Continue Reading →


The key that you so casually slipped back in my hands,It's still warm off your touch,A sharp contrast to your cold stare.Your bags are already packed in a corner,Just waiting to be picked up.You always say you'll leave,But you've never taken it this far,You've always reconsidered and taken me back. But this time seems different.So,... Continue Reading →

The Red Light

She switches on that watchful eye of the red light,The only light in the corner of the room,It overlooks all.From the time she takes her first, gradual steps,Slow-paced,Exaggerated sways,It follows her all the way through as she makes her way to me.I can tell she's already enjoying herself,It's always exciting the first time around,Her body... Continue Reading →


Between these biting walls,And under a stifling ceiling,Floor which feels like thorns,It all seems to be closing in at once,I know my shouts have little effect,Not on your deaf ears,Not on you,You've never paid heed,Never cared to asked how I was doing,I've had a hard time realising this,But could it be,That you never really cared... Continue Reading →


Your shadow cast on my wall,It keeps growing bigger,Much like everything else.In this lustful night,Your silhouette,Keeps shifting closer,Until it reaches out,Turns to me,And puts me on instead,Much like every other time,You're drawn to me.Your eyes have an ardent desire in them,And your body,A passionate inferno you want tamed,Much like yourself. You already know,You belong with... Continue Reading →


There aren't many who force my attention the way you do,My favourite kind of weekend,And a hobby I don't tire of,Each night brings something new,Different realms to explore,Newer memories to make.Steal me away,And seal me inside your desires.Like every other night,I look forward to being tamed again,Place me in your eyes,And imprison me in your... Continue Reading →


The silhouette of that woman who stands so far away,At the break of dawn,She's always the furthest,An old figure,Wrinkles and frail,Scars and marks,A repulsive sight,It's during the mornings and afternoons when her voice sounds distant,Cracked and not worth paying heed to. This same woman,She's been following me for as long as I can remember,Unseen by... Continue Reading →

The Tree

The branches of that unusual tree,They haunt everything in the immediate vicinity.This enshrouding forest comprises of just one element,That long-aged tree,The one which should have been axed a long time ago,Yet there it stands,Grotesque,Disfigured,And oh so completely twisted,Sending chills down the spine of the beholder,It's such an ugly sight. Bent over,The frail branches stoop so... Continue Reading →

A Midnight Dip

My fingertips,They find their way in the dark,They are pulled,In your direction,An inexplicable urge takes over,Unguided,They still make a path straight to you,Your welcoming silhouette that keeps taunting me,Warm and soft to the touch,You react to my every move.Each flick,As does every squeeze,It probes a reaction from you. With your breath lingering in my ear,It's... Continue Reading →


A mirage in the distance,She comes to me every night,That image of hers I carry with me,No matter how much it hurt me,I will still hold on to it dearly,Even if what they say is true,And letting it go would be sanity,I will still persist,Without any expectations of my love ever being reciprocated,Because that's not... Continue Reading →

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