The First Date

My wardrobe is open wide as I peer in cluelessly, Scratching my head, trying to figure out the perfect ensemble for today, If I could only get into your head, To know what you'd like, The colors, patterns and design. An overwhelming assortment of shirts, jeans and tees, I want to throw together an attire... Continue Reading →


The Meeting

It was a cold, Saturday night, The alleys were lively and the streets well-lit. In the middle of a busy club, Low, flashy lights and loud music blaring from the boom-box, Surrounded by sweaty bodies, And general merriment all around. Swaying to the beat, Me and my friends, We thought this would be the ideal... Continue Reading →


All my life I was constantly told, That I wasn't anything special, To the point I even hear these cruel words whispered to me by my reflection in the mirror each morning, And screamed at by my mind every night before I fall asleep, No matter what I do, It's never good enough, Something is... Continue Reading →


Behind the flowing curtains, Is where you stand, Looking out the open window, Standing in your sweats, Stargazing, The cool breeze plays with your hair, Like the moon hidden behind the clouds, I hold you tight, Hugging you from the back, Show me what you're looking at too, These constellations you're so fascinated by, I'd... Continue Reading →

Hidden Jewel

The shifty sands of eternity, Dunes which rise and meet the dry sky, To which I remain a prisoner, Meaningless wanderings over the years, Meanderings that have finally led me to this spot, To a shore lined with golden sand on one side, And pure water on the other, A mirage or salvation, A spring... Continue Reading →

High off Love

Her tongue slid over me, Parted lips fitting mine, Stifling my breath, A pill she split, She slips it in my mouth, A mini Xanax, She makes it dance in my mouth, Twirling her tongue around mine, Twisting up, Moulding in one like origami, Then she presses my mouth shut, Watching me expectantly and waits... Continue Reading →


In this quiet house, From across the room, When everything is dead silent, I can hear your sigh clearly, When you walked in the front door, Your tired eyes could barely greet me as you sunk immediately on the couch, Another long day, And the sun is already peeping in the horizon again, Exhaustion got... Continue Reading →

One Last Time

In the middle of an aura of sentimentality, A room that is rich with memories, yours and mine, Ours, Time seems to slip seamlessly, We know it's all coming to an end. Hours roll by like seconds as we struggle to come to terms with what's happening, You look rueful, a tear staining that pretty... Continue Reading →

For a Day…

It's been quite some time, Yet you still are the way you were when I last saw you, Downcast and downtrodden, Caged away in your depression, I know it gnawed away at you slowly, In the shadows, It chipped away until you were one with the darkness, It's pointless now, Devoid of any meaning, But... Continue Reading →

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