A Date

When I pick her up from her doorstep, She had been waiting for me, A black shirt, Completed by a blue denim shorts, Her brown hair tips, she's got them neatly tied up in a ponytail, Greeting me with a hug, I had been looking forward to our date for so long now, I have... Continue Reading →


Solitary Star

The streets outside the window, They're so empty, Wrapped in strange melancholy, Noiseless and at a standstill, It's dead all around. It hasn't been that long yet, You said you'd be happy, You asked me not to worry, In that scrawly handwriting, Words that still continue to haunt, You implored me to not blame you,... Continue Reading →


A secret hidden deep within myself, Stashed in a cavern, buried in a spot known only to me, and forever away from the light of this world, Come closer, I'll let you in on it, And maybe you can tell me if you feel similarly. Are you afraid of being left behind by everyone? Forgotten... Continue Reading →

Mystery Lover

Diagonally opposite to me, In the midst of a circle, Sitting cross-legged, She's wearing a corduroy shirt left unbuttoned, A casual white tee underneath, And black shorts that end at her lower thighs, She has straight, black hair down to her waist, Hazel eyes that smile brighter than her lips when she laughs. The bottle... Continue Reading →


In this limitless maze, It runs deeper, Labyrinth in another labyrinth, I'm not sure if there is any way out, Is this just one big dead-end? The corridors grow narrower, Roof seems to get lower, Until there's no room to stand, The air is dusty and heavy, It gets harder to breathe, I'm already suffocating.... Continue Reading →

Spoilt Youth

A foggy puff of smoke escapes your breath, The toke that we share, It's gripped loosely between your fingers, After a few puffs, you pass it to me, The rim of it is still moist from your wet lips as I take it in mine, Jazz music floating in the isolated room, Just a while... Continue Reading →

Sorrow of Soul

Shouting at the sky, Oh, someone please put me out my misery. Lead me through this blinding darkness, Or leave me to rot by myself, Nothing really excites me anymore, End of the road, where do I go next? Lost in my own skin, suffocating, You can only watch on helplessly. Shouting at myself to... Continue Reading →

Wonderful Life

Because I didn't expect to see your face as I opened my front door, Because not even in my wildest imagination I thought you'd stand there before me, a painful smile on your lips, have you been struggling too? Because I couldn't find the right words, nor could I stop my tears from overflowing, I... Continue Reading →

Flashing Lights

The dancing lights, Those lights which keep flickering in rhythm, When one switches off, two others shine brighter, They keep blinking, Tauntingly, Agonizingly, They seem to call out to me. Beckoning me through the shadows, It's the same story every night when I'm left alone, Something takes over me, Like the song of a Siren,... Continue Reading →

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