After You…

This regret, Has chased me around, For long enough, Like a shadow, It's vicious fingers, Tightening their grip around my neck. It's left me exhausted, Weary, And oh so depressed. I didn't realize it'd be this way, I thought I could be strong, But I'm sorry, This pain has left me completely drained. So tired,... Continue Reading →


Forever, That's such a beautiful word, Made all the more beautiful when it's your lips it escapes from, Sincerity in your sparkling eyes, With my tired head resting on your lap, Feeling your tranquil heartbeat, You utter it best. The promises we bind together to that magical word, A sentiment of constancy we make in... Continue Reading →


I find myself falling in your thoughts again, Under the starry sky which I look upon, In the middle of the night, It's got me wondering, Do you still think about me too? Are you looking up at the same sky, Every single night, Like I still do? The sad songs I've plugged in, They... Continue Reading →

One Last Time

In the middle of an aura of sentimentality, A room that is rich with memories, yours and mine, Ours, Time seems to slip seamlessly, We know it's all coming to an end. Hours roll by like seconds as we struggle to come to terms with what's happening, You look rueful, a tear staining that pretty... Continue Reading →

The Farewell

Everything is at a standstill, Silence echoing through the shore, This fateful beach which used to be our rendezvous, A safe place and haven, Where we'd come together to get away from it all, It feels so different tonight, So much more somber and grim. You and me, We're still together, But for the very... Continue Reading →


Sometimes, in the middle of the night, My eyes subconsciously open, Snapping me out of whatever dream I was having, Something pricks at my conscience, As I lay there unmoving, staring blankly into space, With a heavy mind, lump in my throat and through teary eyes, Memories keep tugging at the warm blanket, The floodgates... Continue Reading →

If Only…

Don't turn your back on me so soon, Without so much of a warning, Don't walk away from me just yet. Doesn't your conscience prick you? This pitiful state that I'm in, You say I'm the only one responsible for it. But weren't you the one who had been molding me into who I am?... Continue Reading →


Is this love or was it just plain infatuation? Why do you seem so attached to me? Constantly bombarding me with your calls, Your voice hoarse from yelling, Maybe I went too fast? Maybe all I fell in love with was the idea of you. You lock your hands in mine, Suffocating me. Let me... Continue Reading →


The air is quiet, The ocean outside the window is calm, It's all so serene and tranquil, We're keeping each other company for the last time. No words spoken, Just staring in silence at one another. We've come a long way, haven't we? We've had our ups and downs, Our fair share of quarrels. Be... Continue Reading →

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