After You…

This regret, Has chased me around, For long enough, Like a shadow, It's vicious fingers, Tightening their grip around my neck. It's left me exhausted, Weary, And oh so depressed. I didn't realize it'd be this way, I thought I could be strong, But I'm sorry, This pain has left me completely drained. So tired,... Continue Reading →

Elusive Closure

When I reached out my hand to pick up a carton of milk off the department shelf, I thought I was the only one in this aisle, But I felt something warm and familiar briefly graze my skin, A pallid wrist with sleeves pulled up halfway to reveal a few bracelets hanging loosely off it,... Continue Reading →


I saw you in the park the other day, While you were walking, I don't think you knew, Weren't you there with someone? There was an arm around your back, A guy I couldn't recognize, Surely, he isn't your new boyfriend? I'm not asking you to take me back, I know you still don't like... Continue Reading →

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