You seem to be struggling lately, The furrows deep in your brow, And withered up skin, Is quite telling in itself. I've been watching you for quite some time now, But there's something different about you. You've changed, In more ways than one, Become so disturbingly silent, And unaware, You wander around mindlessly, It's gotten... Continue Reading →

A Pleasant Day

Do you ever have one of those days, When you feel good for no real reason? In rare moments like these, From when I opened my eyes, Everything around feels pleasant, Clear skies and chirpy birds, World is wrapped by cozy rays of the bright sun, And that greyness I'd been so familiar with, Remains... Continue Reading →


Sometimes, When nothing makes sense, On days when it seems it's not worth put up a fight, That you'd much rather just give up and let everything go, Once and for all, The lump in your throat, Refuses to go away, And you feel detached from this world. Through no fault of your own, Despite... Continue Reading →

Passing Winter

Somewhere under the dark sky, Inside a house which is a home, On the bed and across the sheets, Lie two people, It's us, Backs against the frame of the bed, Cushioned by two pillows, My hand is across your shoulder, Stroking your back up and down, This is always my favorite part of the... Continue Reading →

Elusive Mirage

The alarm clock goes off early in the morning, With closed eyes, Just feeling your soft breaths over my neck, Feeling your hands around my waist, And your body snuggling into me, Only half awake, Fingers interlocked, It's a Friday, We need to prep ourselves for work but, I don't feel like getting up today.... Continue Reading →

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