Since the day I first saw you,I knew,It would always be you,It was fate,From the first glance so many years ago,I still remember just how mesmerised I was,Because even after so much time has passed,I still feel the same way,The same butterflies,And my breath stops for a second,Just like it used to,The familiar way my... Continue Reading →

Midnight Strolls

I like nights like these, When I'm walking under the starry skies with you, The crescented moon illuminating these lonely streets, And your fingers intertwined in mine, It's nights like these, When I wish our paths are longer, That our house doesn't come until it's dawn, There's a certain pleasure, In just being able to... Continue Reading →

A Good Morning

Your voice, Breathes life into me, Every morning, When I open my eyes, To the first rays of the sun, Your soft, melodic tone, Crooning softly, As you sit there by yourself, Combing your hair, Running the brush the entire length. You have me raptured, The sight of your calming eyes through the mirror, The... Continue Reading →

The Eternity Together

A warm rush of air in my ear, You are lying beside me, Breathing in my ear, A hand across my chest, Still asleep, Your hair strewn untidily across your face, Your dress in wrinkles, And your makeup smudged, Yet you look ethereal, I could stare at you all day and not get tired. Just... Continue Reading →

The First Date

My wardrobe is open wide as I peer in cluelessly, Scratching my head, trying to figure out the perfect ensemble for today, If I could only get into your head, To know what you'd like, The colors, patterns and design. An overwhelming assortment of shirts, jeans and tees, I want to throw together an attire... Continue Reading →

The Meeting

It was a cold, Saturday night, The alleys were lively and the streets well-lit. In the middle of a busy club, Low, flashy lights and loud music blaring from the boom-box, Surrounded by sweaty bodies, And general merriment all around. Swaying to the beat, Me and my friends, We thought this would be the ideal... Continue Reading →


Behind the flowing curtains, Is where you stand, Looking out the open window, Standing in your sweats, Stargazing, The cool breeze plays with your hair, Like the moon hidden behind the clouds, I hold you tight, Hugging you from the back, Show me what you're looking at too, These constellations you're so fascinated by, I'd... Continue Reading →

A Break

I can feel your raw breath on me, While we're spread out over the grey, linen bedspread, Under the huge blanket, Your hand is still across my chest as the sun goes up, In this foreign land, The first thing I see when I rub my eyes is you snuggling into me, Groaning and asking... Continue Reading →

A Girl Like You

Not too strained, And yet not too delicate; My mind's playing tricks on me again, What's this empty feeling in my stomach when I've already ate; When everyone disappears from view, your silhouette still remains, You stand in front of me, biting your lip and tempting fate; You won me over with just one glance,... Continue Reading →

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