All my life I was constantly told, That I wasn't anything special, To the point I even hear these cruel words whispered to me by my reflection in the mirror each morning, And screamed at by my mind every night before I fall asleep, No matter what I do, It's never good enough, Something is... Continue Reading →

For a Day…

It's been quite some time, Yet you still are the way you were when I last saw you, Downcast and downtrodden, Caged away in your depression, I know it gnawed away at you slowly, In the shadows, It chipped away until you were one with the darkness, It's pointless now, Devoid of any meaning, But... Continue Reading →


I try to keep stuff bottled up inside, Buried under the surface, away from everyone's eyes, But every so often, When it becomes impossible to bear, Something is bound to slip out, it's only inevitable, When you look at me with those steely eyes and a grimace that's grown characteristic to you, Your disapproving and... Continue Reading →


It's been so long, You were almost a forgotten memory, Just when I stopped seeing your face round every place I went and every corner I turned, It wasn't so much that you lost that effect on me as it was the fact that the thought of you was too overwhelming, I'm still in that... Continue Reading →


Do you see that woman in the distance too? There, By the foot of the bed, She always appears every night, I spend each morning praying and hoping that she dies, at least for a day, But she always reappears, Every single night, I'm mortified by the very sight of her. Am I hallucinating or... Continue Reading →


I tire of this monotony, Time just doesn't pass, From the window, the world seems so lively, But inside, it's bleak and grey, A thick shade of monochrome from the ceiling to the marble tiles, The door is locked, Leaving me trapped since so long, I've forgotten what the sky looks like, The only shade... Continue Reading →


Tied & dangling by a thin strand of fate, Around me, the world is at a standstill, A deafening silence all around, Hours roll by, I'm still lonely and cold, Restless and uncomfortable, A daily plight I'm all too familiar with, Hidden from everyone else. Knowing it will always be this way, Hope seems bleak,... Continue Reading →

If I Were Her…

If I were her, would I look at me differently? With a different perspective, Would I be able to alter reality? Or will it still remain as it is, Set in stone, I have so many unanswered questions. If I were her, what would be the first thing I'd notice? Out of millions of things... Continue Reading →


Through the night, The space on the bed beside me, It was warm just a while ago, But by dawn, That warmth faded, Vanished and in its place, a scattered blanket and a ruffled up pillow, Only a lingering smell left behind, It's the same story every night. There was a time when I'd consider... Continue Reading →

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