Thoughts & Prayers

Woke up to the sky outside tainted, It's only dawn, reddish crimson, the whole neighborhood is demonically painted, Hopping out the bed, I can feel the bruise over my head, probably got that after being sedated, Pulling out a Nina from the bedroom drawers, stacked the magazines, torn by my conscience, having second thoughts, why... Continue Reading →


Is this love or was it just plain infatuation? Why do you seem so attached to me? Constantly bombarding me with your calls, Your voice hoarse from yelling, Maybe I went too fast? Maybe all I fell in love with was the idea of you. You lock your hands in mine, Suffocating me. Let me... Continue Reading →

The Fall-Out

I'm sitting here on my couch by myself in this dark, wintery night with the snow covering everything outside. The fireplace alight with a red yet unsatisfying flame while my mind is lost in your thoughts. Lately, it kills me seeing how your eyes lost the spark they had in the beginning of our relationship.... Continue Reading →

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