These scars that grow more visible with each passing day, Red and grotesque, Followed by an incessant itch when the night is at its darkest, Like being stabbed repeatedly by a million thorns, This affliction spread in bits, Until it took over all of me. What once was smooth, Is now rough, Battered, ragged and... Continue Reading →

Writer’s Block

Some days, it's easier to burn through pages, Set them alight with this ink, Transcribing thoughts seamlessly without having to erase every other letter, The blueprint is already laid out in my mind as I jot it down, Connecting the dots, Or the boxes I keep locked and stashed away in my mind, An ammunition... Continue Reading →


I tire of this monotony, Time just doesn't pass, From the window, the world seems so lively, But inside, it's bleak and grey, A thick shade of monochrome from the ceiling to the marble tiles, The door is locked, Leaving me trapped since so long, I've forgotten what the sky looks like, The only shade... Continue Reading →

The Ensnaring Forest

This limitless world in front of me, A forest I find myself stranded in, So lost and so alone, All by myself, Stuck in this rut for longer than I can remember, Everything around me is gloomy, gloomy, The raindrops dripping from wet leaves, There is no hope, No light anywhere as the moon is... Continue Reading →


And just like that, The world is shrouded in darkness again, A daily battle that I wage against myself, It's as if someone's opened the dams, All the thoughts come flooding back to me. These sleepless nights, I look from behind the bars, These taunting memories and haunting worries, Watching everything I envisioned for myself... Continue Reading →

Music Box

A glance from the distance doesn't give you the whole picture, Just a small, ordinary wooden box, Covered in dust, Untouched in almost forever, This is the toll the passage of time has placed. A closer look tells a different story, Blow the dust off, Flick the lid open, Underneath is a tiny figurine, Resting... Continue Reading →

The Depression Street 

A busy street in which I often find myself lost in. This street exhibits two contrasting shades. One in which a pleasant breeze floats around and where birds sit atop the street-lamps singing in merriment. The radiant streetlight illuminating the people below on the cheerful street. And the other makes up my aura; a still... Continue Reading →

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