A New Chapter

The path ahead that is shrouded in darkness,Bent branches and bushy forages obstruct my view,An air of uncertainty draped by the winds,The road ahead stretches into the horizon,Unclear as ever,It splits into a multitude of alleys,Which will take me the furthest?What path is most accommodating?All leading to destinations unknown,With nothing to choose between them,Taking a... Continue Reading →


Sometimes, When nothing makes sense, On days when it seems it's not worth put up a fight, That you'd much rather just give up and let everything go, Once and for all, The lump in your throat, Refuses to go away, And you feel detached from this world. Through no fault of your own, Despite... Continue Reading →


Turn the page of the familiar, old book, Respite and hope you're met with, A chance to start over a clean slate, Put things right and bury the mistakes, Past, is where they belong, Experiences cumulate, Despondency teaches and then fades. Look at the brighter side, Optimism looms across the horizon, Now, when everything's clearer,... Continue Reading →


You're pacing in your room impatiently, Hands buried deep in your pockets, lost in careful contemplation, The built in angst and wrath, It's reached the boiling point, Back and forth, You've gotten to the point where you just can't sit still, You've got to make things happen for yourself, It's now or never, Persist or... Continue Reading →

End of a Day

Hold out your hand, Let me place it in mine, Wrap your fingers around mine. Sit down for a bit. Tell me what's going on with you? Lately, You seem even more depressed than usual. Raise your eyes from the ground and look at me. Your eyes, Which once gleamed under the sunlight, They're now... Continue Reading →

The Resurrection

Look, Don't be so crestfallen. Come here, Into my arms. Let me nuzzle into you warmly and drive away the wintery snow. I don't ever want to let you go. You're so precious, It's about time you realized it. Your kind soul, The soul that is more valuable than you can imagine. Your clear heart,... Continue Reading →

The Rejuvenation

Like the moon hides away its dark craters with its radiant light, Your wan face masks away your remorse behind that bright smile. You've been weary for quite some time now, Come and sit beside me, I understand you find it easier to not talk about it. Don't worry, I promise I won't pry. I... Continue Reading →

Guardian Angel

Take a deep breath and hold out your hands, Intertwine your fingers with mine and grab onto my outstretched hands. Let me pull you out of the darkness that surrounds you. Is it really so tough? Are you defeated already? Your pure face looking lost in this world, Won't you fight a bit more? Let's... Continue Reading →


Standing a little distance away from me, A gloomy, solitary figure looking lost under the moonlight seemingly at conflict with your own-self. A deep sigh escapes your breath. A sigh indicative of your struggle and hardships. A sigh to muffle all the frustration buried within. It's okay to be upset. Rest your tired head on... Continue Reading →

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