Since the day I first saw you,I knew,It would always be you,It was fate,From the first glance so many years ago,I still remember just how mesmerised I was,Because even after so much time has passed,I still feel the same way,The same butterflies,And my breath stops for a second,Just like it used to,The familiar way my... Continue Reading →

For a Day…

It's been quite some time, Yet you still are the way you were when I last saw you, Downcast and downtrodden, Caged away in your depression, I know it gnawed away at you slowly, In the shadows, It chipped away until you were one with the darkness, It's pointless now, Devoid of any meaning, But... Continue Reading →


I'm having these thoughts lately, Weird, dark thoughts. Although they're not completely unfamiliar to me, I've always felt this way on a milder level since as long as I can remember, But as of now, They've been taking a greater toll on me, It's strange, How long will it go on this way? I'm lost... Continue Reading →


Sometimes, in the middle of the night, My eyes subconsciously open, Snapping me out of whatever dream I was having, Something pricks at my conscience, As I lay there unmoving, staring blankly into space, With a heavy mind, lump in my throat and through teary eyes, Memories keep tugging at the warm blanket, The floodgates... Continue Reading →

A Letter of Remembrance 

The dream last night that was like a nightmare. Our hands disconnected as I took my place among the stars permanently. Succumbing to my selfishness, I left you behind in this world. But you aren't lonely. Take a look around you. Even in my absence, you're still surrounded by people who love and care for... Continue Reading →

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